YOUnique Newsletter App: A New Way to Engage With Readers!

YOUnique Newsletter App: A New Way to Engage With Readers!
by Bart De Pelsmaeker, CEO, Readz

Reach understands the power of digital content with their soon to be released YOUnique Newsletter app. Readers download it, enjoy vibrant content on their tablets, stay updated on the “latest” from Reach, and share with their friends and associates.

Creating a great content app is easier than you think.

Readz offers the perfect solution to transform your magazine, newsletter or other content into a visually stunning tablet experience. Apps are easy to share and distribute, while engaging your current customer base and building new fans.

With its visual drag and drop interface, the Readz tablet publishing platform is very user-friendly. Choose a customizable design and layout; add your own style, logo and other brand elements. Drop in your own copy and hit “publish.” Your app will be live and available to your readers instantly.

The app is downloaded in seconds and reads like a magazine – an enjoyable “lean back” experience. Readers can swipe back-and-forth through articles and summary pages, bookmark articles for future reading and search for text and watch videos.

Start building your own apps. Request a free Readz account today, by visiting Demos are available, too. You can also find Readz on or


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