William’s Words: Serendipity

William ArrudaWilliam’s Words
By William Arruda

A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding.

I was sitting in my favorite seat (4D) on my way to Barcelona and I was feeling really lucky. The seat next to me (4G) – my second favorite seat – was vacant and I was going to use it as my office in the sky. There are NEVER open seats in business on transatlantic flights, so I felt I had won the lottery. Then, seconds before the flight attendants closed the airplane door, a woman rushed onto the plane – out of breath and looking exasperated – and she plopped herself down in seat 4G.

I was disappointed. There went my chance to spread out.

After I got over the loss of my in-flight office and extra elbow-room, I started a conversation with my new neighbor – Fawn Germer. She told me she arrived late from Tampa and just made the flight by a matter or seconds.

I was so glad she did.

Turns out that we were both delivering keynotes at the same event in Barcelona and had lots in common. Although I had a lot of work to do, we spoke non-stop for the entire flight. Now, Fawn and I have regular conversations about our businesses and I consider her an important member of my brand community and a great friend.

That’s the power of serendipity. A casual conversation with someone sitting next to you can forever impact your career or business. It’s important to open up and share your brand story!

Fawn just launched an amazing new book called Pearls: Powerful Wisdom from Powerful Women (great name, right?!).

Here’s how she describes it:

Get ready for the most life-changing mentoring session you have ever had, guided by many of the strongest, most accomplished women of our times. Pearls brings together the wisdom of prime ministers and presidents, CEOs and Nobel Peace Prize winners, adventurers, Academy Award winners, scientists, journalists, Olympic athletes, newsmakers, senior executives and other women who have captured our hearts while making history.

You can get your copy here. I got mine already and my favorite ‘pearl’ is on page 163.

Wishing you serendipity!



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