William’s Words: It’s a Small World After All

William ArrudaWilliam’s Words
By William Arruda

A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding.

It’s a Small World After All

I’ve been spending my summer finalizing Ditch. Dare. Do! (with Deb Dib) and making sure my clients have what they need because I’ll be doing a lot of travel this fall. In fact, I’m calling it my Autumn World Tour. In the coming months, I’ll be traveling to Beijing, London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Geneva – and I’m sure a few other cities as well!

What’s remarkable about this is not the number of frequent flyer miles I will earn (although it will sure help towards my Executive Platinum status!), it’s that personal branding is growing in visibility and popularity across the globe.

When I started Reach Personal Branding over a decade ago, people outside the U.S. would say “Oh, that’s so American” when I would tell them about my vision for personal branding. Today, we have hundreds of Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategists in 31 countries on six continents. I want to acknowledge our Strategists from outside North America. They are pioneers in their respective countries and incredibly devoted. Many of them participated in the certification program at 2am or 3am their time – calling into the group teleconferences and contributing every week when most of us are sound asleep. They impress me!

Personal branding is not a fad. It’s a proven philosophy for managing your career and your life. And it’s not just for American’s anymore!

So here’s to a small world filled with an ever increasing number of personal branding enthusiasts.


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One Response to “William’s Words: It’s a Small World After All”

  1. Adrian KT says:

    Hi Mr. Arruda.

    I just finished REACH PBS certified programme last June and learned a lot from Ms. Kirsten and also from you through on line materials. Thanks for making this possible.
    I am just curious, will you be dropping by Bangkok Thailand. Ms. Kirsten said I am the first from Thailand to be Reach Certified and so it is interesting how I can support your vision to make PBranding worldwide per your above small world concept. If any chance to drop by BKK. please let me know I am eager to meet you or if I could be of use to anyway to you and REACH in Asia region, please allow me to be so.
    Thanking you Mr. Arruda.
    Adrian KT