William’s Words: Don’t Buy My Book…Today!

William ArrudaWilliam’s Words
By William Arruda

A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding.
Don’t Buy My Book…Today!

Ditch. Dare. Do! dropped. I hope you have been eagerly waiting it’s arrival – and – that you can hold off buying it until Tuesday April 23rd – that’s the date Deb and I are calling our official launch day.

Check out this video to learn about the book:


We’re wicked excited (that’s what I would have said in high school – growing up between Providence and Boston where ‘wicked’ was the word of moment)!

We’re working hard to make Ditch. Dare. Do! a bestseller at Amazon.com – so we’re asking the members of the Reach Branding community who want a copy to buy it on the 23rd.

Waiting until then has its benefits – a bonus pack of brand-building gifts worth more than $3,000! There are just 3 easy steps:

  1. Put an entry into your calendar for the 23rd: Remember to buy Ditch. Dare. Do!
  2. Purchase the book on Launch Day, April 23, 2013 at http://amzn.to/10BgBIW
  3. Go to http://360rea.ch/3dgifts to access your gifts

The gift page will only be visible on the official Launch Day of April 23, 2013 until 11:59 pm. Eastern-US-NYC time. If you just can’t wait, Ditch. Dare. Do! is available on Amazon right now (but you’ll not receive access to the bonus gifts).

Thanks for your support. If you do buy a copy of Ditch. Dare. Do! I sure hope you act on the tips we share so you can expand your influence, success and happiness at work!

Thanks in advance.


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