William’s Words: Cha-Cha Changes at YOUnique

William ArrudaWilliam’s Words By William Arruda
A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding.

Cha-Cha Changes at YOUnique:
So Long Rachel, Hello Peter.

It’s hard to believe that Rachel has been the YOUnique editor for FOUR YEARS. She took charge when we moved to the new format and did an amazing job of creating a valuable resource for people who are looking to increase their success through the power of personal branding. She recruited excellent writers, developed systems and processes for getting the newsletter out on-time, shared some of her own personal stories and just kept the whole thing going issue after issue. She has had a major impact on the Reach brand community and is a treasured resource at Reach. Happily, she will continue to share some of her ideas and wisdom occasionally as a guest writer.

Rachel’s real job is running brandiD, a digital marketing company she founded 4 years ago that does everything from personal branding to logo and web design all the way to social media management. She can help you take your brand from A to Z. So if you need some of that, Rachel will have more time to support you!

Peter Sterlacci – who is based in Japan – offered to take the reigns from Rachel. And I am thrilled to have someone living half a world away as the new editor of YOUnique. After all, ‘global’ is one of Reach’s brand attributes. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter when he came to an event in New York City where I was delivering a presentation. His enthusiasm for personal branding impressed me; so I was thrilled when he wanted to take on the Editor-in-Chief Role for YOUnique. Over time, Peter will make his mark on YOUnique. So if you have any ideas for how we can make YOUnique more valuable to you, please let Peter know.

Please join me in saying THANKS to Rachel and WELCOME to Peter.


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