William’s Words: Career Resources

William ArrudaWilliam’s Words
By William Arruda

A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding.

Career Resources

Over the past decade, we have worked hard at Reach to offer a variety of no-cost, brand focused resources to help you uncover and express your brand. Over time, we have consolidated and refined our resources based on your input, and we currently support:

If you haven’t checked them out, please do so and see how you can use them to increase the value of your personal brand.

Voting ended on August 31st! Thanks to everyone who nominated a Reach site!

If there’s one you find particularly valuable, I’d appreciate it if you let the folks at Forbes know. They are creating list of the most valuable web-based career resources. You can nominate your favorite here, send a tweet to @JacquelynVSmith or send an email with your vote to careerwebsites at forbes dot com.

It will only take a couple of minutes!

Thanks in advance for your vote…and for being a part of the Reach Personal Branding Community.

All the best!


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