William’s Words: Surround Yourself With the Right Experts

William ArrudaWilliam’s Words
By William Arruda

A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding.

Surround Yourself With the Right Experts

Personal branding is all about focusing as much as you can on what makes you exceptional and leaving the rest for others. In the song American Life, Madonna sings: I got a lawyer and a manager, an agent and a chef, three nannies, an assistant, and a driver and a jet, a trainer and a butler and a bodyguard or five, a gardener and a stylist…

Except for the lawyer and assistant, I don’t have any of those. But I do have an accountant, videographer, video editor, web developer, business adviser, headshot photographer, copy editor, and numerous other experts who build their brand in their respective fields as they support me with their expert services.

Could I edit my own videos? Yes. Should I? No.

When you do what you do best and partner with others on everything else, you remain focused and ensure a quality experience for the members of your brand community. The lone ranger syndrome will work against you when you are building your brand. You need to be connected to the right resources and know when to use them to help move your brand forward.

Are you partnering with the right experts?


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2 Responses to “William’s Words: Surround Yourself With the Right Experts”

  1. Hello William,
    I really liked your points. I have been writing about findin the right charitable partners to enhance your brand. It is when you get a great team together that true success occurs.

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