Using the Web for Work: Three Great Sites for Your Job Search

Using the Web for Work
By Kristen Jacoway
Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a job seeker learn about the latest and greatest tools to help you succeed.

Three Great Sites for Your Job Search

Many experts agree that we are in a different world with how one organizes and conducts a job search. When I graduated from college, we used classified ads and word-of-mouth to find jobs. In the mid to late 1990s, job boards surfaced and became the major thrust in the way we looked for jobs. Today, we use social media communities to leverage networking contacts to position ourselves for the jobs for which we want to pursue.

Many websites exist to help someone to effectively organize and conduct their job search as well as give valuable advice. Let’s look at 3 websites listed in Forbes article, ‘Top 75 Websites for Your Career’ by Jacqueline Smith that will facilitate your job search efforts.

1. FreshTransition: In this free app, you can record job applications and networking events. Most importantly, you can schedule follow-up activities, as well as meetings and interviews within the calendar. One feature I appreciate is that FreshTransition allows you to set targets and milestones for your job search and networking activity. Goal setting is critical when you are in a job search. I try to always reserve a 30-minute block of time each day to schedule my goals for that day.

2. Big Interview: Here you can practice interview sessions by using your webcam to record how you look and sound. You can choose industry-specific questions, managerial questions, and more. The site also has interview preparation modules that provide a wealth of information. When I do interview coaching, I always have the person use Skype so we can screen-record the session. You may be surprised at some of the things that you do that can be off-putting to another person, so it’s great feedback to watch and listen to yourself interview. The site does charge a one-time $197 fee or a 3-part installment plan of $67.

3. Glassdoor: This free service allows you to review employee and job seeker reviews of companies, interview experiences, salaries, and more. Recently, Glassdoor introduced ‘Inside Connections’ feature to show your connections with specific employers through your friends or friends of friends on Facebook.

Jacqueline Smith’s Forbes article lists 72 other great web resources for your career so take the time to check out the ones that could work the best for you in your job search!

Kristen Jacoway is the principal of Career Design Coach and authored the book, “I’m in a Job Search-Now What???


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