Using the Web for Work: Keeping Up With Social Media News

Using the Web for Work
By Kristen Jacoway
Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a job seeker learn about the latest and greatest tools to help you succeed.

Keeping Up With Social Media News

Anyone who follows social media knows that it is filled with constant change; within the past six weeks, we saw seven major announcements within the social media space.


  • LinkedIn announced the “Apply with LinkedIn” button for company career portals.

    LinkedIn will be providing job seekers the ability to use an “Apply with LinkedIn” button in the future at career portals, thus dramatically simplifying the application process. When this feature rolls out, you will want to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is complete. For tips, check out Jason Alba’s book, “I’m on LinkedIn-Now What???“.

  • Monster launched the “BeKnown” app – first move by a major job board to incorporate technology within a social media site.

    One of my predictions is that social media will eventually become the forerunner to job boards. At one time, job searching was done via classifieds and word-of-mouth, but job boards soon became the forerunner. Susan Whitcomb of Career Coach Academy has stated that her research found that an average Fortune 500 Company spent $1.2 million posting jobs on job boards. Now, a similar company might spend an average of $60,000 on LinkedIn and at this time, tweeting job postings on Twitter are free.

  • Google launches Google+ to compete with Facebook and Twitter.
    As an early adopter of Google+, I can say that this time Google has definitely launched some hefty competition for Facebook and Twitter. You can start a hangout and video chat with up to 10 people, find relevant information in your industry or area of thought leadership through Sparks, and see/follow the stream of conversation that a post generates.
  • Google does not renew contract with Twitter to provide real-time search (real-time search index featuring tweets and as-it-happens updates).

    Many speculate that Google did not renew this contract with Twitter because of Google+. My Google+ profile is now my #1 Google search result, but does include a hyperlink to follow me on Twitter.

  • MySpace is sold for $30M.

    We see social media platforms come and go, but I remember not so long ago when Facebook was celebrating the fact that they had exceeded the number of registered users that MySpace had at that time. Google+ has reported 18 million members (as of 7/22) have joined and it has only been around less than a month.

  • Google launches Tool for Online Reputation Management.

    Check out the tool on your Google Dashboard called “Me on the Web.” You can easily set up a search alert for your name so that you will receive an email when your name shows up on the Internet. Google also has a URL removal request tool in case there is digital dirt that you are having difficulty removing. However, Google determines whether or not this is a legitimate request and has the final say if the URL is removed or not.

  • The FTC gave the company, Social Intelligence, the green light to run social media background checks of a person’s Internet and social media history.

    Now more than ever, your online identity needs to be stellar. Information is used when you apply for a job or even college (study done by Kaplan in November 2010 found that 9% of business schools, 15% of law schools, and 14% of medical schools look at social networking sites to evaluate prospective students). What does Google say about you?

Kristen Jacoway is the principal of Career Design Coach and authored the book, “I’m in a Job Search-Now What???


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    Great reminder Kristen to stay up on all the news. Can be a bit overwhelming at times, but at least subscribing to RSS feeds such a Mashable, Soshable, Fastcompany, and of course Reach Personal Branding helps a lot.

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