Using the Web for Work: Keep in Touch with Your ENTIRE Facebook Network

Using the Web for Work
By Kristen Jacoway
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Facebook Setting Change Required to Keep in Touch with Your ENTIRE Facebook Network

Have you wondered why in the past several days that people from whom you normally read posts are no longer showing up in your “Most Recent” feed on Facebook? In the past, when you switched from “Top News” to “Most Recent,” you were able to see all your friends and Liked pages posts. Facebook recently made a change and now the posts you see are based on an algorithm that shows the posts from the friends and pages with whom you regularly interact.
If this change works well for you, then there’s nothing you need to do as your default setting is at “Friends and pages you interact with most.” However, if you want to continue seeing posts from everyone, then changing your setting is easy to do.

First, click “Most Recent” at the top of your news feed. You will see a menu appear as pictured below and you will click the “Edit Options.”

Next, you will see a pop-up window that says, “Edit Your News Feed Settings.” All you have to do is click on the drop-down box by “Show posts from” and change your settings from “Friends and pages you interact with most” to “All of your friends and pages.”

Why did Facebook make this change? For some people, they will appreciate being able to cut out some of the “noise” on the news feed by just seeing the activity of friends you interact with most. However, for me personally, I’d rather glance / read through all my friends’ posts as well as the pages I have “Liked.”

Networking, both online and offline, is the most critical key to your job search success. In the ExecuNet Job Market Intelligence Report 2010, it is reported that 68% of executives found career options through networking. Networking is not just a job search strategy it is a continual process of strengthening existing relationships as well as cultivating new ones.

This article first appeared in Classroom to Cubicle online magazine

Kristen Jacoway is the principal of Career Design Coach and authored the book, “I’m in a Job Search-Now What???


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