Using the Web for Work: Instrumental Role Personal Branding Has Had on My Life

Using the Web for Work
By Kristen Jacoway
Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a job seeker learn about the latest and greatest tools to help you succeed.

Instrumental Role Personal Branding Has Had on My Life

Nearly 2 years ago, my son was diagnosed with Aspergers (high-functioning autism) and in the last 2 years, my daughter has had 5 surgeries trying to correct a hearing loss. Although, it still may be correctable, she has elected for a glittery pink hearing aid with 40 different sticker designs – talk about adding a whole new level of complexity with getting ready in the mornings!

So, life takes us on some twist and turns. The other day, my son told me he wished he didn’t have autism and that he was the popular kid in school. He said he wished he understood what people were talking about and that he ‘got it.’ At that moment, I leaned in. I’ve always said that people are amazing – each journey is completely unique. As individuals we have distinctive talents and expertise. Through the Reach Personal Branding process, I have realized that every person has a gift, and gifts need to be shared.

I explained that who you are is not a mistake – my son may struggle with the social aspects, however, he is pure genius. He can tell you any fact – his ability to memorize every little thing he reads absolutely amazes and intrigues me. I told him that he has the unique ability to tap into parts of his brain that most people will never be able to do and it’s people like him that develop the search engines, computers, technology that helps other people, and more.

So, whether you have autism or a hearing loss or an ankle injury from a lifetime of ballet (me!), we all have something that makes our journey unique and special. We can either choose to be a victim of our circumstance or to rise above and persevere. I plan to rise above and keep moving forward. How about you? Uncover your values, passions, vision, and purpose through personal branding and you will be able to live in your sweet spot every single day.

Kristen Jacoway is the principal of Career Design Coach and authored the book, “I’m in a Job Search-Now What???


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2 Responses to “Using the Web for Work: Instrumental Role Personal Branding Has Had on My Life”

  1. Kathy Mast says:

    Inspiring article! You are so right! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jeff Rock says:

    Kristen, Thank you for this inspiring and powerful message about embracing what makes us unique. You are an awesome Mom!