The Strat: A Thankful Journal Makes a Difference in Living Your Brand

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By Valerie Sokolosky

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A Thankful Journal Makes a Difference in Living Your Brand

I used to struggle when trying to live the best of my brand when daily struggles and challenges tended to push my buttons. I knew that focusing on the positives of the day would help.

So I began a Thankful Journal where I took the time at the end of the day to revisit what DID happen rather than what did NOT happen. Since then, I’ve used this tool successfully with clients. It’s a simple idea. Just buy a journal and spend a few minutes every evening or morning writing five things for which you are grateful.

I recently started reading entries from a year ago. How interesting to find how often I wrote about the little things that happened to me. These included:

  • “Today I spent quality time with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile.”
  • “I love snuggling into my big, fluffy bed after a long day at work.”
  • “My grandchildren spent the night and we made cookies.”
  • “A client sent me a lovely testimonial she posted on LinkedIn regarding the value she received from our coaching.”
  • “My presentation at the client’s office went well and they want another program for next quarter.”

As you can see, some things were work related and some more personal. And as I read several pages, it reminded me that gratitude changes attitude. That’s the power of this tool. After journaling for a year now, I find myself looking far more for the good things that happen every day rather than spending wasted energy grinding over the drainers of the day.

Start your own Thankful Journal and live your brand strengths with energy and positivity. Just something to consider!

Valerie Sokolosky is an author of 8 books, a speaker and the owner of Valerie and Company, a firm that focuses on people skills through training programs and executive coaching. She contributes regularly to Success Magazine, SW Airlines Spirit Magazine and Dallas Business Journal.


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