So Long but not Farewell

Rachel Gogos

So Long but not Farewell

By Rachel Gogos

Just a quick note to say thank you to YOUnique audience around the globe for reading and for your feedback that has helped us continue to improve YOUnique – it’s been a pleasure to build this newsletter over the last 4-years. Two people who work behind-the-scenes to help bring you YOUnique are Tara Kachaturoff and Regina Walton. Working with the Reach team is never dull. William has been a wonderful mentor as he and Reach continue to lead the way in creating personal branding programs with substance and a proven methodology, not only pioneering the industry but keeping it cutting edge.

Looking forward to continuing our “writing relationship.” Thanks for reading through the years.


Rachel Gogos is the Chief Brand Builder at brandiD, a digital marketing and web design firm specializing in building unique, attention-getting, online identities through personal branding, social media, and highly differentiated WordPress sites.


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