Resource Report: Resources Review – Are You Visually Engaging?

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By Maria Elena Duron
Reviewing resources to help exude and engage your brand!

Resources Review – Are You Visually Engaging?

To be more engaging use photos – familiar advice across the social networks isn’t it? Facebook and Google+ pictures have become larger and more prominent; Twitter added Vine for more visual representations on your tweets and Instagram and Pinterest were born out of the love of playing with and sharing visual images. Photos dominate screen real estate and really draw your attention!

To do it right for you, here’s some suggestions:

  1. Watermark or put your name/tagline on every photo or graphic you create.
  2. If you’re using photos of you, remember your background; be at eye level with the camera or looking slight up at the camera (looking down is not your best side).
  3. If you use someone else’s photo, be careful with licenses and attributions. Take time to ready the rules – they matter!
  4. If you can say it in numbers and in a graphic – do both. Catch all people in the best way they like to consume information.

Visual storytelling increases engagement. The statistics prove it with videos shared 12 times more than text and photos shared twice as much more than text updates or posts.

As a bootstrapping buzz maker, here are the tools that are my faves:

  • PicMonkey: Nothing to download it can do all those things that you’ve been waiting or adding to a list to have a graphic designer get done for you. No more waiting! You can add text, graphics, themes and even make photo collages.
  • Quozio or ShareasImage: Have a great quote that you would like to put a background behind then can do that for you. Simply beautiful and easy to use!
  • PicMarkr: Helps you put your watermark in wherever you need it on a photo or a quote. We know how viral social can be and when someone shares a photo or graphic you’ve created make sure it makes it continues to do the viral work for you by bringing people back to you.
  • Make your own infographics. Now, you, can share information in a visual format – easily.
  • Vizify: Plug in your social media sites and Vizify creates a series of interactive infographics that show the best of you.

For some visually graphic tools that are specific to a certain social network, my faves are:

  • TimelineImageTool: Lets you create your own image, add text, then upload it automatically to your Facebook page for free!
  • Autreplanete Social Image Maker: This online tool makes it easy to resize and retouch photos for a wide range of social networks and chat applications.

I purposely didn’t include any links to assure you that I’m not affiliated with any of them nor do I make money from any of them and they’re not my clients. If anything, I’m their client and have used each one of their services and appreciated them.

What tools have you found that are kind to your budget – both your time and money budget?

Maria Elena Duron is skilled at making networks “work” and harnessing powerful online and offline buzz, she facilitates online visibility services and word of mouth coaching and workshops – taking companies and professionals from buzz-worthy to bucks-worthy.


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