Resource Report: RebelMouse: A Fresh Personal Brand Experience

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By Maria Elena Duron

Reviewing resources to help exude and engage your brand!

RebelMouse: A Fresh Personal Brand Experience

Let me introduce you to RebelMouse! RebelMouse was designed by former Huffington Post chief tech officer, Paul Berry. When Paul and I talked about it, this last spring I couldn’t wait to show everyone! Why? Because I love time saving, fresh, valuable and practical tools and RebelMouse is all of that. (Disclaimer: I do not sell RebelMouse! I’m simply a raving fan and I hope you become one too!

Your own updated and fresh home page

RebelMouse provides you with a homepage that collects all of your social media accounts into one place. The page is constantly refreshed – without you having to do anything! It gathers your fresh social media content automatically, and then allows you to rearrange your posts to highlight those that you feel deserve it (and demote those that don’t).

RebelMouse also provides you with a platform where you can create new posts and content. You can invite people to contribute to and follow your page, both of which foster the sense of community found with other social media sites. Analytics are provided to help you understand the demographics of your traffic.

The possible uses are nearly endless ranging from basic attempts to aggregate social media to advanced social marketing. RebelMouse’s features and format make it a great option for blogging and disseminating information about specific topics. For example, a page on categories of products or even famous personalities could group posts and tweets about a particular topic and give you a vast amount of information from a variety of sources. This rich complexity of information seems to be the internet at its finest.

It’s a great place for a snapshot of what your connections are interested in and talking about across all social networks. The site is also a repository of information for what interests you and what you are focused on.

A combination of the best

RebelMouse combines the greatest aspects of other social media sites into one easily digestible feed. The simplicity of Twitter is still present; you can read status updates on RebelMouse. But an additional layer of complexity is added when those Tweets are juxtaposed with other comments, news stories, and pictures that logically belong next to them.

It’s visual aspects also allow for fluid movement between pictures and text, all the while in a way that allows you to absorb information unintentionally. This format, similar to Pinterest, adds another informative layer. It provides an ease of transition between text and images that is hard to find elsewhere.

One of the reasons why this site is so useful is that we find updating our Twitter or Facebook feeds very easy, but when it comes to keeping our homepage up to date, we struggle. RebelMouse does away with that problem and takes all of the difficulty out of having an updated homepage.

Maria Elena Duron is skilled at making networks “work” and harnessing powerful online and offline buzz, she facilitates online visibility services and word of mouth coaching and workshops – taking companies and professionals from buzz-worthy to bucks-worthy.


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