Resource Report: Postrocket and Your Personal Brand Visibility

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By Maria Elena Duron

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Postrocket and Your Personal Brand Visibility

If you have a business profile on Facebook (which I encourage clients to have so that they harness the visibility benefits that Facebook delivers), you may have heard of Edge Rank. Edge Rank is that algorithm that makes Facebook so very unique from other social networks. Most social networks post items out to your contacts chronologically. EdgeRank determines who likes to interact with you most and what they like from you to present more of those types of posts to them. Conversely, if people are not interacting with your posts or “hiding” them, the algorithm will show them “less of” those items they do not like.

But, here’s the great question – how can we even get them to like or dislike anything if they’re not seeing it? 97% of people who “like” your Facebook page will never see it again. The only time they will see any of your updates is in your home stream/feed when you post updates. Think about. When you like a page, do you really ever go back to visit the page itself?

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 3.47.27 PMEnter PostRocket, a Facebook optimization tool, designed to optimize your post in format and time of release to ensure that the most of your fan base sees and interacts with it. To be clear, I do not sell PostRocket, I think it’s a great tool to optimize what you’re doing on Facebook.

Here to help

Often, our Facebook updates are links to blog posts we’ve written. The downside is that links, often garner the least attention in Facebook’s algorithm. Why? Because when you click on them, they take you off of Facebook. And, like any other site, Facebook favors those actions that keep the users on their site – longer.

What PostRocket has done is create a system that automatically pulls featured photos from a link and adds them to the link, turning an article link into a visually attractive post. It also allows you to enhance your photos by adding text and filters to give your photo a unique look that the audience can share with their own networks right within the post. You don’t have to have a graphic designer, open another window or do anything else — Handy and timesaving all in one feature!

There even when you aren’t

Perhaps one of the most helpful things about PostRocket is it will study how the audience reacts to your material, and offer helpful insight into the right content that will engage your audience. In many cases, location does play a big part in activity, and as we know, the online world has no boundaries. That means it’s possible to have a large audience that isn’t on your time schedule. PostRocket offers the benefit of being there when you’re not really there, posting when you’re away and adjusting the post time on it’s own to maximize visibility, making PostRocket a third, and much needed, hand in the social world.

Learn more about these resources in my podcast.

Maria Elena Duron is skilled at making networks “work” and harnessing powerful online and offline buzz, she facilitates online visibility services and word of mouth coaching and workshops – taking companies and professionals from buzz-worthy to bucks-worthy.


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