Resource Report: Linking Your Milestones to Ignite Your Word of Mouth

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By Maria Elena Duron
Reviewing resources to help exude and engage your brand!

Linking Your Milestones to Ignite Your Word of Mouth

YOUnique heralding in the 100th issue is a milestone and because of this special event this Resource Report is focusing on how you can link your milestones to ignite word of mouth for your personal brand.

I’ve been lurking lately as many have shared their strategy and philosophy around using one of the oldest social resources we have – LinkedIn in exuding and engaging their personal brand.

Here are some Milestones to achieve to make the most of this network:


#1. Know how people search for and find you. Get the premium version for one month, at least. It’s up to you if you would like to subscribe longer, but you want at least one month’s worth so you can see the keywords and phrases people use when they search and find you on LinkedIn. It will give you insights into how a potential referral source, recruiter, mentor or company found you on the network.

#2. Control the network. Set your settings so that you’re not overwhelmed with LinkedIn. You can control the settings of how alerts, notifications and emails are sent to you – and when they are sent. Take this action step to avoid any negative reactions from an overloaded inbox.

#3. Guard your reputation. Set your privacy setting so no one can see your connections. Yes, I said it and I do that. I do not want anyone to think that because I connect with someone means that I immediately “endorse them”. There is a “halo effect” when you connect with someone and others see that connection. The perception someone has of you is literally built by association so avoid any incorrect assumptions by protecting your list.

#4. Connect with everyone and accept every request that is a legitimate person. My rule of thumb is if it’s a fake name, or spammy sounding account (i.e. First Name: Mister; Last Name: President), or if they don’t have a photo with their account – I won’t connect with them. Everyone else – I say ‘yes’.

That might seem counter to Milestone #3, so here’s why. The beauty of the network is not just who you connect with but who they know. Those connections into their contact sphere matter because those connection lines are tracked by the system. When you need to reach to someone or into a company for research or a connection, the more people you’re connected with the better and more information you have available to you for your research.

The six degrees of separation are in full play on this network. Use it to your advantage.

#5. Join 50 groups. You can join 50 groups in LinkedIn. Once you are a member of a group, you can connect with any member in that group without having a direct connection to them or knowing their email address. The group connection is enough.

Maria Elena Duron is skilled at making networks “work” and harnessing powerful online and offline buzz, she facilitates online visibility services and word of mouth coaching and workshops – taking companies and professionals from buzz-worthy to bucks-worthy.


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