Personal Brand Book Reviews: Social Boom

Personal Brand Book Reviews
By Paul Copcutt

Wondering if you should read “that” book? A seasoned personal brand strategist offers his in depth reviews.

Social Boom –
How to Master Business Social Media to Brand Yourself, Sell Yourself, Sell Your Product, Dominate Your Industry Market, Save Your Butt, Rake in the Cash and Grind Your Competition into the Dirt.

by Jeffrey Gitomer

© 2011 Pearson Education Inc. 190 pages.

Social Boom 
by Jeffrey Gitomer

5R Score: 28/35

Main Focus Brand yourself, your business and use social media to be successful.

Five Key Take Aways (actually 7!)

  1. Sign on.
  2. Establish an account on each of the major sites.
  3. Post something.
  4. Tweet something.
  5. Connect with someone.
  6. Do it yourself.
  7. Do it every day.

On a scale of 1-7

  • Relevance – is it right for personal branding? – 6
  • Resonance – does it make sense to the reader? – 6
  • Relation – is there a connection for everyone? – 5
  • Remarkability – does it stand out, will it get noticed? – 6
  • Real – does the personal brand come through? – 5

Would you pick it up?

I am quite the fan of Jeffrey Gitomers books, which is what made me pick this up in the first place. Usually his books are not just full of information, but full of practical tips, action steps and the famous “Git Bit” – links to further free resources on his web sites.


Jeffrey Gitomer has compiled a collaboration document and approached this different than his other books in that he has called upon a collection of leading online experts, in many critical areas, including marketing, advertising, blogging, video, word of mouth etc.

The pieces written by the experts are in their own styles and more like essays than the very direct and in your face style of Gitomer.

Aside from that, this book emphasizes the importance of online brand building and digital marketing that will appeal to every business owner and marketer, but can be easily used by an individual to just build his or her own personal brand online.

If you are already active in social media this might just be a little too rudimentary, but you would be wise to absorb some of the points raised, such as, numbers of tweets needed per day, use of ‘older’ mediums such as e-zines and general ‘rules’ of social media.


What I particularly liked was that Gitomer was endorsing much of what I believe with regards to online activity. That is for the vast majority of us, being present on the main sites – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn mixed in with some You Tube videos and writing an e-zine and blog is all that is needed and doing it yourself. He makes it very clear that it is more about adding value than numbers of posts, tweets or likes.
There is almost an unwritten Twitter formula for example – if the number of tweets outnumbers the number of followers then the value is poor. This might well apply to Facebook and LinkedIn too!


Social Boom is aptly titled given the explosion in social media over the last year or so. For almost everyone, it is certainly no longer a choice of yes or no, it’s more about the degree of involvement. The challenge for many people deciding to enter the realm of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is where to start and what to do. This book might well be the answer.


The book is not necessarily saying anything that cannot be heard or read elsewhere; after all it is full of opinions of the leading online experts. But what does make it stand out and useful is Gitomer’s style. He is a bit in your face, not quite screaming but certainly enthusiastic about making a point that he gets across very clearly that you HAVE TO be doing this to not just survive but to remain relevant to your customers and be successful.


Utilize the extra resources on his web sites through the various ‘Git Bit’ links and watch him on video to get a real sense of Gitomer’s personal brand, I think his other books show this more and I missed his half point lists. He certainly is very transparent with the fact that only two years ago he did not see the need to be in this space. He also shares freely what he has done to build a very effective online brand very quickly that produces results without having to spend 8 hours a day online – good, sensible, advice is spread liberally throughout. A quick and easy read, that regardless of your level of expertise and knowledge you will always get a nugget or two from a Gitomer book and this one is no exception. It’s worth purchasing just to answer the questions in the Social Media Game Plan chapter.

Paul Copcutt, Personal Brand Architect, is a sought after speaker and coach who uses real client stories and practical applications to help successful professionals and executives get clear about their uniqueness.


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