Personal Brand Book Reviews: CHANGE-FRIENDLY LEADERSHIP: How to Transform Good Intentions into Great Performance

Personal Brand Book Reviews
By Myriam-Rose Kohn
Wondering if you should read “that” book? Our seasoned personal brand strategists offer their in depth reviews.

CHANGE-FRIENDLY LEADERSHIP: How to Transform Good Intentions into Great Performance.

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CHANGE-FRIENDLY LEADERSHIP: How to Transform Good Intentions into Great Performance

This book contains a lot of information but is very easy to read. Besides taking quite a few notes from the book, I also gleaned information from the website Dr. Duncan keeps referring to: As the business world is constantly evolving, once you have purchased the book, you can keep returning to the provided website to obtain updated information.

As Socrates stated: Know Thyself. Dr. Duncan suggests that in order to implement change, you need to start with yourself. He guides you step-by-step on how to accomplish this. The book never takes a condescending tone. In fact, a calm tone is clearly heard throughout the book. Dr. Duncan uses a conversational style as if he were talking with you face-to-face. Not only is the text methodical, but many stories are told as illustrations to drive the point home.

After you have changed, you can start working on the people in your department. Once again a step-by-step system is described. The book is divided into three sections with each chapter intelligibly illustrating how to accomplish this change-friendly leadership.

Dr. Duncan exhaustively talks about

  1. Think-Friendly
  2. Talk-Friendly
  3. Trust-Friendly
  4. Team-Friendly

Employees, managers, and executives should all be invested in and committed to the organization’s goals and objectives. The entire book is about how to bring your staff to that point. One way, of course, is to lead by example. If you have too many people retired and yet still “on the job,” you need to be able to turn them around. You engage them into conversations by posing questions that cannot be answered with monosyllabic words. You pose questions that draw your staff out where they have to express their ideas and attitudes.

Since dealing effectively with change is an organic process, change will not occur overnight. But if people feel important to the organization and feel they have something to contribute, change can and will occur no matter what the industry or field. People will be happier at work which will allow them to become more creative and productive. A recurring theme is leadership must engage the heads, hearts, and hopes of the people whose genuine “buy in” is critical to the successful change. This is not leadership by title and certainly not leadership by command or control.

Another obstacle to overcome is that people are resistant to change. As you learn to manage–and even welcome–resistance, you develop a key ingredient of effective leadership while keeping it simple and going back to basics.

As an entrepreneur, I learned a lot to apply in my own business so I heartily recommend this book.

Myriam-Rose Kohn is known as the “passport to international career success.” She has an unmatched blend of career credentials, experience, language, and cross-cultural skills. Her vast credentials can be found on her website: Jeda Enterprises.


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