Personal Brand Book Reviews: A Decade (and more) of Personal Brand Books

Personal Brand Book Reviews
By Paul Copcutt

Wondering if you should read “that” book? A seasoned personal brand strategist offers his in depth reviews.
A Decade (and more) of Personal Brand Books

The Brand You 50 by Tom Peters

My whole interest in the subject of personal branding started with reading Tom Peters’ book The Brand You 50 in 1999, since then I have avidly collected and read many others – some great, some good and some questionable!

I dipped into my collection and picked one book printed each year since Tom Peters’ book and gave a brief viewpoint. Going forward my collection may well include a few Kindle versions, but in the meantime I loved picking these ones up and skimming back through them, some for the umpteenth time.

I’m looking forward to the next decade of books on personal branding and seeing how the industry and the subject evolves.

Paul Copcutt, Personal Brand Architect, is a sought after speaker and coach who uses real client stories and practical applications to help successful professionals and executives get clear about their uniqueness.


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