March 2010

March 25, 2010: Issue 25

William ArrudaWilliam’s Words
By William Arruda

A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding.

Who is the world’s strongest personal brand?

Your vote will let us know.

I have noticed over the past several years that lists that identify the world’s strongest brands typically include some personal brands sitting among corporate titans like Apple, Coke and Google.

In my keynote presentations and workshops, I use well-known personal brands to demonstrate the techniques of branding. Of course, there are some people who appear in every one of my presentations. I won’t tell you who they are, because I don’t want to influence your response to our new poll.

Please take our poll Who is the world’s strongest personal brand? It’s a one-question survey; and rather than give you a list to select from, we would like you to write in the names of up to three people you think fit the bill.

Complete the survey here. We will publish the results in an upcoming issue of YOUnique.

Thanks for your input!

Kristen JacowayBlogger’s Corner
By Kristen Jacoway

The best of the blog world related to personal branding. If you have any questions or blogs that you recommend keeping an eye on, please email me.

Diane Jennings wrote a blog post titled, “Five Common Professional Image Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.” The post offers great advice about how your image is an integral piece of your personal brand.

Jeff Lipschultz, Principal at A-List Solutions, wrote a featured article for AOL this past week on the most common interview questions and how to best answer those questions, “Interview Questions: A Greatest Hits List”.

Jeannie Knight’s post, “Your Personal Brand – A Career Must Have” talks about the power of personal branding in differentiating yourself from the competition during a job search or in career advancement.

The Strat
By Valerie Sokolosky

A Reach-certified Personal Brand Strategist offers tips and advice on our favorite topic – personal branding!

Personal Branding: Differentiating Yourself for Greater Marketability

I just spoke at a large church’s unemployment ministry here in the Dallas area, which was one of the most insightful engagements I’ve had recently. Arriving early, I tried to meet as many of the people as possible. Looking around the room and talking with different ones, I was amazed at the diversity of age, experience, industry expertise and attitudes in that room. All of them came to learn more about Personal Branding: Differentiating Yourself for Greater Marketability.

These men and women gave their utmost attention, took notes and asked profound questions, all of which gave me such a sense of humility to be able to share in a short time at least some ideas they could implement immediately. Not only were they appreciative, but many have invited me to join them on LinkedIn. (One of the best business social media sites out there.)

Just after this talk, an article came out in the Dallas Business Journal, and I would like to share some of the information from it. Over 1400 people were polled on “What is the most common mistake job applicants make?” The information is important for all of us who are working on building a stronger personal brand and professional presence, internally or externally.

(Excerpts from the February 26-March 4, 2010 Dallas Business Journal)

  • Applicants show up with mind and body but not passion and spirit.
  • Not doing homework. Not enough preparation regarding the people to meet, company information, role expectations, etc.
  • Failure to bring a pen (or bringing a plastic one!).
  • Unprofessional business etiquette – arriving late, too much cologne, inappropriate clothing, overconfidence, not taking notes, wimpy handshake. Little things DO count!

  • Now for the stats:

  • 28% had poor spelling or grammar
  • 27% had weak verbal communication skills
  • 22% were not qualified for the job
  • 12% lacked confidence
  • 9% wore inappropriate dress
  • 3% other
  • So what’s the learning? Pay attention to the derailers that may seem unimportant to you, but you are sending the message that you are not professionally prepared. There are lots of books on this topic – read up and rev up for your next business opportunity.

    commercialbreak2 Commercial Break
    By William Arruda

    What can personal branders learn from TV advertisements? Take a break and take a peak.

    Pedigree: Dog Adoption

    I love this commercial because:
    It is so outrageous, it makes me laugh. But it also shows the true connection between people and their pets – however bizarre the relationship. That’s the true message here.

    This ad and YOUR personal brand: What is it about you that can create powerful emotional connections?

    Reach Branding Club Speaker Series
    Featuring: Catharine Fennell

    Date: Thursday, April 8, 2010
    Time: 9:00 AM Los Angeles, 12:00 PM New York, 5:00 PM London, and 6:00 PM Paris

    CONFERENCE LINE: 1 (218) 486-1616
    ACCESS CODE: 726017#

    Video-Enhanced Profiles: The Must-Have Web 2.0 Application
    It’s not about self promotion, it’s just smart business.

    Conquer your fear of video – it is your biggest ally online. There are so many reasons to be using video regularly and often to optimize your website and online profile in web search. Online video, if done right, can be a game changer for your online strategy and in building your personal brand. In this Reach Personal Branding Interview with William Arruda and Catharine Fennell you will learn how video can help you:

  • Improve search engine rankings.
  • Control your message online- do not leave it to Google to define your personal brand.
  • Increase visibility for your social and professional networking profiles.
  • Make a personal connection with your audience.
  • Add a new dimension to your professional communications online that will set you apart from your competition.
  • BIO:
    After leaving her corporate executive roles in Internet marketing in 2000, Catharine Fennell has built a reputation as a trailblazing entrepreneur. She launched two successful companies in the last ten years (Market Yourself and SWING Think Inc.) and is responsible for executive producing and syndicating an award winning web t.v. show, currently in its third season.

    With her experience in Internet technology, creating community online and short form video, Catharine saw the opportunity to bring together the power of online video, social media platforms and personal branding. In 2008 she created and launched, a web-based community and turnkey business model for shooting and delivering video biographies and other short video promo segments for professionals and corporations. VideoBIO has quickly established itself as the leader in video bio and promo video delivery for web use.

    Catharine speaks regularly to audiences on female entrepreneurship, marketing yourself smarter, video-enhanced social marketing and marketing to women. VideoBIO is committed to changing the way people use professional video online, making it an affordable and accessible communication standard for professionals.

    March 11, 2010: Issue 24

    Rachel Gogos

    Editor’s Note
    By Rachel Gogos

    Dear Readers,

    It has been nearly one year to the day that we launched YOUnique. (YOUnique took the place of reachBEYOND! – the previous version of the Reach Personal Branding Newsletter). It’s been an honor and a pleasure to develop this publication for you. I appreciate your feedback…and welcome more of it.

    What type of articles do you want to see more of? What are your burning personal branding questions? Connect with me at Twitter via @RachelGogos and let me know what’s on your mind. I want to ensure that YOUnique continues to meet your needs, answer your questions and provide much food for thought.

    Thanks for reading!

    Kristen JacowayEXUDE Your Brand
    By Kristen Jacoway

    Online and offline tips on how to grow your brand and make it glow.

    HootSuite is a Twitter management tool that I discovered several months ago. HootSuite is your answer to managing and tweeting from multiple Twitter accounts. People who have multiple Twitter accounts say that using HootSuite’s dashboard makes “multi-tweeting” a breeze. A few features are highlighted below:

    I circled the dashboard area where Twitter accounts are listed. You could simply check the account you want to tweet from or select “all” accounts. You can tweet now or later. You can schedule your posts by clicking on the little clock icon. You can also be alerted by email when your scheduled tweet is sent.

    If you blog you can set up your RSS feed within HootSuite. I use a plug-in on my WordPress website so this can happen automatically. If you don’t have that functionality in your blog / website, this is a great tool. Scroll down and select “Settings,” click on the tab “RSS/Atom,” then click on the button “Add New Feed.”

    You can find your RSS feed’s URL by finding the RSS button (the orange button) within your blog / website URL:

    Click on this button and subscribe to the feed. Then, select it within your bookmarks and right click on it. When you right click, select “Properties,” this will give you your RSS feed’s URL address. You can copy and paste it within HootSuite and have your blog posts automatically fed to your Twitter account.

    Are you interested in seeing the analytics of a link you have posted? HootSuite has a tool called a “Hootlet” that you can drag and drop on your bookmark toolbar. When you find something of interest that you want to tweet on another website, you can simply click on your Hootlet icon in your bookmark toolbar and it will shorten your URL with the URL shortener. At the bottom of your HootSuite page, you can select “Stats,” click on the tab “Summary Statistics,” select which Twitter account you used, and find out the analytics of that tweet.

    Finally, like TweetDeck, you have the opportunity to create groupings. HootSuite has actually integrated the power of the Twitter Lists for your columns. You can click the icon that says “Add Column.” When you click on “Add Column,” you will see this pop-up window:

    Select “Twitter Lists” and name your list in the space where it says “List URL.” You can create several lists and divide people into groups, i.e. social media experts, career coaches, recruiters, personal branding, and so on. Separating people whom you follow into groups helps you to engage and participate in the Twitter conversation.

    Maria Elena Duron

    Maria’s Media Methods
    By Maria Elena Duron
    Move from being just another “someone” in the crowd to expressing your unique strengths! Keep reading to learn new strategies, practical tips and tactics to engage a variety of communication avenues.

    Low Tech, High Impact Word of Mouth for Personal Brands
    How do you become visible in this noisy, hyper-connected world? It’s really a tried and true activity that, if done consistently, will garner you visibility for all the right reasons.

    Move, touch and inspire others to speak positively on your behalf by taking action on this simple, low tech, high impact practice.

    Click to view the video on personalbranding.TV


    Commercial Break
    By William Arruda

    What can personal branders learn from TV advertisements? Take a break and take a peak.

    Cisco Telepresence

    I love this commercial because:
    I can relate. If you travel for business, you can certainly relate as well. This commercial clearly highlights the benefits of Cisco Telepresence and does so with emotion. It’s a great way to communicate product benefits without being boring or trite.

    This ad and YOUR personal brand:
    Know the greatest benefit you offer your employer or clients. Then think about the best way to build emotion around it.

    To see more of William’s “Commercial Breaks” click here.

    Reach Branding Club Speaker Series
    Featuring: John Baldoni

    Date: TODAY, Thursday, March 11, 2010
    Time: 9:00 AM Los Angeles, 12:00 PM New York, 5:00 PM London, and 6:00 PM Paris

    CONFERENCE LINE: 1 (218) 486-1616
    ACCESS CODE: 726017#

    Lead Your Boss: What That Means and Why It Matters

    Frustration and lack of confidence in America’s CEOs and companies abounds in these economically difficult times. What does that mean for employees, whether middle managers or valued team players?

    According to John Baldoni, author of “Lead Your Boss”, everyone needs to step into leadership for the greater good of companies and society at large, whether good times or more challenging times. In his inspiring book, John uses the power of stories and examples to showcase individuals who did just that. By using their natural abilities and skills, positive energy, and personal influence, they were able to accomplish great things by “leading from the middle”. In this Reach Personal Branding Interview with William Arruda, John will discuss practical strategies and advice to:

    • Think strategically and challenge yourself and your team to be more innovative and effective.
    • Cultivate honest feedback for growth and improvement.
    • Learn about the 3Cs of working together in a mutually beneficial way.
    • Persuade others to listen to your ideas so you can turn influence into leadership.
    • Challenge assumptions without challenging the individual.
    • Break down resistance to change.
    • Turn setbacks into comebacks and increase your resiliency factor.


    John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership consultant, speaker, and author of numerous books, including “Lead Your Boss”, “Lead by Example” and “Great Communications Secrets of Great Leaders.” He writes the “Leadership at Work” column for Harvard Business Publishing which is also syndicated by

    John’s articles on leadership have appeared in and, and he has been featured or quoted in publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, and Investor’s Business Daily. His leadership resource website is

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