March 2009

The Reach Personal Branding Newsletter – March 2009

Rachel Gogos

Editor’s Note

Change…it’s definitely the mantra for 2009. It’s in the air, it’s in the seasons, and now it’s on everyone’s favorite personal branding site and the newest “must read” personal branding publication, YOUnique. The newsletter, as you’ll notice, has a new format, new content, new brand and last but not least, a new name. As many of you know we held a contest for the naming of the newsletter. The winner is Paul Copcutt of Square Peg Solutions. Thanks, Paul. It’s a great name.

First, a little about the new team: We’ve added two Assistant Editors. Kristen Jacoway, founder of Career Design Coach and Maria Elena Duron, Buzz To Bucks founder. Both have extensive backgrounds in online and offline media, both are working moms and both are creative and enterprising at what they do.

As for me, I left the excitement of New York City a while ago and have landed in Pittsburgh. The move was for love. My husband is from there. I’ve worked in journalism for many years and, on the other side, as a marketing executive trying to get media placed. I find journalism, especially hard news, captivating because it puts you “in the know” all the time. I’ve worked on many newsletters but I’m most excited about YOUnique and personal branding.

You’ll see lots of new content in the newsletter including columns such as “Maria’s Media Methods,” “Blogger’s Corner,” “A Day in the Life,” and “EXUDing Your Brand.” You’ll learn more about them in the first few issues of the newsletter that will now be delivered to your inbox twice a month.

I hope that you find YOUnique to be both inspiring and insightful. If you have suggestions for additional content, feedback, or questions you can contact me at


Rachel Gogos


A Day in the Life of….. Deb Dib

A monthly column that brings you up close and personal to a Preferred Personal Brand Strategist.

Geographic location: Medford, NY (Long Island/Metro NY)


Target Audience: Visionary, gutsy, fun, ethical CEOs and rising stars who “do capitalism right.”

Began his/her business in: 1989

Became a brand strategist in: 2004 (Among the first Personal Brand Strategists to be certified.)

1. Do you work from home or an office? Tell us about your workspace.

I have a virtual business serving national and global clients. A New York City native, I now live and work closer to the Hamptons than Manhattan. My office reflects my brand colors: walls in ocean blue, white furnishings, green plants, views of the woods outside my window, and pops of orange for energy and creativity. It feels happy and productive. My workspaces are many: a frosted glass desk with an Apple MacBook Pro and a 22-inch monitor, a big white comfy chair after too many hours at the desk, Panera Bread (free wifi) for a “working Saturday date” with my husband, and a parking lot overlooking Great South Bay and Fire Island.

2. What is a typical day like for you?

I am up at 5 am to do email; gym at 6:30 am; at the desk at 8:30 am, coach / write until 6 or 7 pm+. I often do more writing, email, and business reading off-hours; I’m never sure where my work ends and personal life begins. It helps that my children are grown and my husband has a long commute. Dinner is rarely before 8 and bedtime follows soon after!

3. Toughest client and how you dealt with it?

Most of my executives are confident yet modest. They think what they do is “…no big deal. Isn’t that what everybody does?” The toughest thing I do is help them “own” their greatness and have the courage to authentically exude their brands. The easiest thing I do is celebrate with them when it works!

4. What do you do really well?

I help my clients “land fast, earn more, have fun, and change the world” by uncovering their sweet spot and connecting their power, passion, and potential to tangible ROI. I LOVE that “eureka” moment when we know we’ve got their brand and value proposition nailed. It’s electrifying.

5. What is your favorite part of the day?

Sunrise makes me peaceful, joyful, hopeful, creative– there is so much possibility and promise in the dawn of a new day.

Maria’s Media Methods

By Maria Elena Duron

Marie Elena Duron

Maria’s Media Methods

By Maria Elena Duron

Move from being just another “someone” in the crowd to expressing your unique strengths! Keep reading to learn new strategies, practical tips and tactics to engage all communication avenues making you effective in reaching your unique audience.

How To Become An Expert To Print Media by Using Your Blog In 4 Steps

1. Develop a “collaborative” blog – Utilize several authors with their unique strengths.

2. Create consistency in your blog – Post daily and include guest posts to gain visibility.

3. Establish connections – Use your blog to connect those you know to resources they need.

4. Focus like a laser – Be known for what you do best and who you do that for.

Click here to learn more.

Kristen Jacoway loggers Corner

By Kristen Jacoway

Each month I read several blogs about Personal Branding and bring you some of the most insightful postings. The postings below do a great job of providing targeted messages about extracting, expressing, and exuding your personal brand. If you have any questions or want to share blog websites with me email

“Defining Your Brand,” written by Beverly Macy, Managing Partner at Y&M Partners LLC in Beverly Hills is excellent. She highlights defining your personal brand and then provides strategies on developing a compelling brand message. To read more, click here:

Megan Fitzgerald of Career by Choice ( posted some excellent advice in “Personal Branding Can Help Both Professionals and Organizations to Higher Levels of Performance.” It discusses the importance of personal branding in a corporate environment. William Arruda, President and Founder of Reach Communications, has said, “Conformity is the enemy of innovation.” Companies need to know the unique abilities of their employees to allow room for originality and creativity to position and promote the company’s brand. Read more at: timely blog post by Deb Dib of Executive Power Brand ( highlights “Fifteen Tips Executives Need to Know NOW to Make a Career Transition in a Volatile Market.” Read more of this insightful and interesting post at:

February 2009 [+]

February 2009 []

The Reach Personal Branding Newsletter – February 2009

Founder’s Note

williamarruda_sittingclose3It’s all new!

Some of you have been reading reachBEYOND! since I founded Reach in 2001 (there were just over 300 subscribers back then) and although the content changes each month, the newsletter has followed pretty much the same format for nearly eight years. Yikes!

Well, it’s time for a major change. And thanks to the addition of three brilliant Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists and writers – Rachel Gogos, Kristen Jacoway and Maria Elena Duron – almost everything about the newsletter is changing – and you’re going to love it! The only thing that will stay the same is our focus on content that will stimulate your thinking, enable you to expand your success and hopefully make you chuckle from time to time. Our new editors have put together an amazing new format and have an editorial calendar with some fascinating and insightful content. The newsletter will follow a new design as part of our new super-portal:

In addition, to streamline our communications with you, we are going to make the newsletter the primary source of news and information about Reach. We will announce the Reach Personal Branding Interview Series, post access to recordings, link you to the most recent articles, provide a calendar of events and consolidate all the best content on the web related to personal branding – all in one place. To keep content up-to-date we’ll be sending the newsletter twice per month. Look for the first issue of the new – newsletter in a couple of weeks. What’s left? The name. We have always strived to include the Reach brand community (and there are nearly 100,000 of you!) in the design of our offerings. So we would like your input. The Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategists have come up with some really fun and creative names. We decided on four finalists: Revolutions, TradeMarque, Distinctions and YOUnique. Now, it’s up to you to choose among them. Please vote on the one you prefer by Monday, 9 March. We will announce the winner in the first new issue. I am thrilled to be working with Rachel, Maria Elena and Kristen on this next evolution of the Reach Personal Branding newsletter. Two more things… 1. Please remember to re-register to receive this newsletter here. 2. Small Business Owners/Solopreneurs Reach has partnered with the Brand Store USA (TBS-USA) to support entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to build solid, successful businesses. The great people at TBS-USA are considering implementing a series of day-long in-person events and would like your help in designing them. Please take a moment to complete this brief survey. Thanks in advance for your input on the name. And as always, please let me know what’s on your mind. Best. William What have you done for YOUR brand today?