June 2009

The Reach Personal Branding Newsletter – June 25, 2009

Rachel Gogos Editor’s Note by Rachel Gogos Vanity URL’s Some may still be wondering what a vanity URL is and what all the hype is about. Before you continue reading this, log into your Facebook account, change the URL to www.facebook.com/username, click on “more” then add in your name without any periods but as is, i.e.: rachelgogos. If your name is available – get it right away. For those of us with unique names (Gogos), it’s fairly easy to acquire these unique URL’s but for those who are named “Kelly Smith” or any variation of a commonly seen name, it’s much more difficult. While MySpace has been offering the opportunity to get URL’s with your username in them for years, Facebook, one of the fastest growing social media tools, has not. On June 28th you will also be able to acquire Vanity URL’s for your fan pages, which is great if you have a fan page for your business. So mark the date on your calendar and get that URL. From a personal branding perspective your vanity URL is a must have. As the social media landscape continues to change at the speed of light owning this tiny piece of property in cyberspace is the cheapest, (it’s free) and hottest property you’ll ever own. As Facebook continues to grow and evolve it’s an investment in your future.

Kristen Jacoway EXUDE Your Brand By Kristen Jacoway Online and offline tips on how to grow your brand and make it glow. Tips on Getting Started on Twitter Twitter is exploding in growth. Nielsen’s recently released Twitter statistics reveal that it is the fastest growing community site increasing 1382% in visits in February 2009 versus February 2008. The majority of the user base (42%) is between the ages of 35-49. With just 140 characters, you can update your status and let your followers know what you are doing. Micro blogging, as people have termed it, is quickly becoming a great resource for expressing your personal brand and thought leadership. Joining Twitter is a very simple process. After you register for an account, go to “Settings” to design and develop your Twitter page. The first tab under “Settings” is called “Account” and here you will choose your Twitter User Name. Twitter User Names are becoming almost as important as capturing your own name as a URL. Your Twitter name then becomes “@YourName” (i.e. “@KristenJacoway) and your Twitter URL is http://twitter.com/yourtwittername (i.e. http://twitter.com/KristenJacoway). Next, create your brief bio of 160 characters or less. Many people ignore this step, but it is one of the items people who follow you want to see. In Twitter Power, Joel Comm discusses changing this area to show a project that you are working on. Since I am in the process of writing a book, I have changed this section to reflect that. Since then, I’ve had many people direct message me and give me words of encouragement. Make sure to include a photo of yourself. The picture helps people to connect with you and makes your Twitter page more personal. In my next article, I’ll give you some resources/tools that are helpful so you don’t become overwhelmed with the number of tweets you’ll see once you start following people. Finally, start connecting with people. You can search for keywords or topics at http://search.twitter.com to locate people who are “tweeting” about topics of interest to you. If you’re interested in finding a particular person to follow, go to your Twitter home page and select “Find People.” You can also Google “Twitter Directories” to find the many existing directories listing people on Twitter. The key to Twitter is to join in the conversation. So start “tweeting.” Follow us, The YOUnique Newsletter team: William Arruda – @WilliamArruda Rachel Gogos – @RachelGogos Kristen Jacoway – @KristenJacoway Maria Elena Duron – @MariaElenaDuron

commercialbreak Commercial Break By William Arruda What can personal branders learn from TV advertisements? Take a break and take a peak. Trust Condoms: One Love I love this commercial because: It takes a product that can be a little uncomfortable for some people to talk about and cleverly gets the message across thanks to a rainy and windy day. This ad focuses on a major health issue – but does so in a way that would stimulate conversation, not stifle it. If you listen to the words of boy band Blue’s song “One Love” which plays in the background, you get the message of survival – even though there is not one word spoken by the main characters in the ad. This was a well produced piece. Watch the way the windshield wipers move to the beat of the song.

This ad and YOUR personal brand: Sometimes it’s important to be provocative. You need to be willing to get your message across – ensuring people will listen even if they don’t agree. Strong brands are not all things to all people. They are willing to take a stand and say what they believe. To see more of William’s “Commercial Breaks” click here.

Valerie Sokolosky A Day in the Life…of Valerie Sokolosky Edited by Rachel Gogos A monthly column that brings you up close and personal to a Preferred Personal Brand Strategist. Geographic location: Dallas, TX URL: www.valerieandcompany.com Target Audience: Corporate leaders and business owners who are seeking best practices to develop themselves and their teams Began her business in: 1981 Became a brand strategist in: 2007 1. Do you work from home or an office? Tell us about your workspace. My office is located smack dab in the middle of downtown Dallas, across from the landmark Mobile Oil building hosting the famous “flying red horse” on the top of the building. This red horse turning atop the building was for many years the tallest building in Dallas. The other landmark is the original Neiman Marcus retail store just a brisk walk down the street. Now, THAT can be dangerous! 2. What is a typical day like for you? It’s always exciting to wake up each morning wondering what part of the business will take focus each day. Since we specialize in “people skills” it’s a large topic that we separate into three buckets: executive coaching, training and development and keynote speaking. My passion these days is personal branding. I’ve become extremely enthused about it because I see the difference it makes in people’s lives both personally and professionally. I’ve begun taking this concept into teams and organizations. 3. Toughest client and how you dealt with it? A tough minded female vice president who felt she was the brightest and best at everything she did. Her style was getting in the way of creating alliances upward and she felt that trying to manage upward was “BS.” I listened intently, allowed her to talk 80% of the time, asked probing questions and kept her accountable in making commitments to alter behaviors that were sabotaging her career. She began to see herself with eyes wide open. She attested her transformation to the personal branding process, which helped her to see her negative traits – something that had not happened before. 4. What do you do really well? Discernment for hearing the words behind the words and leading clients to self discover ways to achieve their goals and impact their teams. 5. What is your favorite part of the day? The morning is the most productive for me when I can think most clearly and plan for the day. That is . . . with a big pot of Starbuck’s coffee brewed and ready to perk me up!

Reach Personal Branding Speaker Series Brian Kurth Eight Steps to a Career Transition and Reinventing Yourself Brian Kurth, Founder & President of www.VocationVacations.com Date: Thursday, July 23, 2009 Time: 9:00 AM Los Angeles; 12:00 PM New York; 5:00 PM London; 6:00 PM Paris The “vocationing process” is a proven, action-oriented and step-by-step process for making career and life transitions. Used by thousands of people across the US and internationally since 2004, when Brian founded VocationVacations.com, this process helps people define what their “great” job is; learn how to deal with their fear; create an action plan; find a mentor; “test drive” their dream job; create their professional brand; utilize networking opportunities, and establish a tolerance threshold. Brian believes that happiness and passion can and should be an integral part of your job. In this guest interview with Brian you can explore this further; specifically, you will learn: -What you can do to discover what truly would make you happy and fulfilled, -How you can address your fears, -What you can do to get moving in the right direction in pursuit of a career or lifestyle transition, -How you can go about finding a mentor, -Why a hands-on, “test-drive” experience of a potential career is beneficial, -What you can do to reinvent yourself beyond rewriting your resume, -How to identify how much risk, uncertainty and challenge you can live with in pursuit of a new career or life style. To learn more about this inspiring event click here.

The Reach Personal Branding Newsletter – June 10, 2009

William Arruda William’s Words By William Arruda A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding. What do you get when you cross a blender with an espresso machine? Me – apparently. I completed my 360°Reach personal branding assessment, using the brand new version – and I learned a lot about myself – and validated some of my own beliefs. Every time I perform a 360°Reach assessment I learn something new and valuable; but what impresses me most is how amazingly creative people are. That takes me back to the blender and espresso machine. As many of you know, we have four projective exercises in the 360°Reach assessment and each user selects two of the four to include in the survey. This is the first time I chose ‘household appliance’ as one of mine and I just loved seeing the responses from the creative group of people I surveyed. In addition to being compared with a blender and an espresso machine, responses included everything from a flat screen TV to a Swiffer. Of course, as with all projective exercises, which household appliance my respondents chose is less important than why they chose it. In the spirit of transparency and to show you how much I believe in this tool, I have posted my complete, unedited assessment results for everyone to see – the good, the bad and the ugly. You can see my 360°Reach results by clicking here. Passwords (15-day Basic accounts) to the new version of 360°Reach are free – everyone’s favorite price! So what are you waiting for? Find out what people think about YOU and how they view you! It’s a critical step in the personal branding process and using 360°Reach is a lot of fun. I say that not only as the person who developed the tool, but as a user as well! As always, thanks for your input, ideas and support.

Kristen Jacoway Bloggers Corner By Kristen Jacoway Each month I monitor several blogs that pertain to personal branding to bring you some of the most insightful postings that exist on the web. I share a couple of these with you below. If you have any questions or blogs that you recommend keeping an eye on please email me at YOUniquenewsletter@reachcc.com. Since Twitter is so hot right now, I thought this blog post was timely: Glen Allsopp of PluginId discusses the Seven Uncommon Uses for Twitter – one use is to express your personal brand online for Google Reputation Management. The other avenues include Product/Service Reviews, Testimonials, Finding Beta Testers for Products or eBooks, Live News Tracking, Finding Solutions to Problems, and Competition. Miriam Salpeter from Keppie Careers wrote a blog post on Leveraging Twitter for Your Job Searchand offers tips on how to utilize Twitter features as one of your multiple strategies in the job search. She also shares a few success stories of people who landed jobs using Twitter. Rajesh Setty, an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker based in Silicon Valley wrote, 9 Ways People Respond to Your Content Online.” This terrific blog post looks at how to generate content that will inspire and transform the lives of your target audience and the ways your audience will respond to your online content. Blogging and writing articles are two great ways to build your Google results. This blog post will help you define “productive content” in order to express your brand online.

Commercial Break By William Arruda What can personal branders learn from TV advertisements? Take a break and take a peak. Honda : Cog (UK) I love this commercial because: It held my interest for the entire two minutes. It highlights what Honda is about: cars that work. Perfectly. All the time. They may not be sexy or luxurious, but despite the complexity of automobiles with all those moving parts, Hondas are incredibly reliable.

This ad and YOUR personal brand: Think of creative ways you can express your greatest strength – what people expect from – and love about – YOU. What’s YOUR greatest strengths?