February 2010

William ArrudaWilliam’s Words
By William Arruda

A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding.

Personal branding has been accepted into universities all over the country – and all over the world. One of my predicted trends for 2010 was the integration of personal branding into more and more university programs. With the jobless recovery, universities are stepping up to help their students prepare for their careers. In just the past month, I delivered a Keynote at New York University’s Stern School, two workshops at UCLA Anderson and a workshop (with our newsletter editor, Rachel Gogos) at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

I have also delivered keynotes and workshops for the University of Michigan, Parson’s School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, Wharton, Thunderbird and for many other schools. Many of the Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategists are delivering personal branding programs for colleges as well. For example, Laura Tessinari taught a for-credit personal branding course at Fordham that was so popular there was a waiting list to get in!

Expanding knowledge and learning skills are core to the university experience, but that knowledge and those skills have no value if you don’t have a job to apply them! So, it makes sense to integrate personal branding into the curricula at schools of higher education. I only wish there were personal branding at my college. No, wait a minute, then I wouldn’t have been able to be a pioneer in the personal branding revolution. BRAVO to the schools who get it! Does your school or your kids’ school?

Now you know what’s next – personal branding in high schools. Getting into your desired university can be quite difficult. Personal branding can help. But I’ll save that topic for another issue of YOUnique.

What have you done for YOUR brand today?

Rachel Gogos

Editor’s Note
By Rachel Gogos

We typically don’t do book reviews in YOUnique but one of our very own writers has written and published her first book. Congratulations to Kristen Jacoway. Her new book entitled “I’m in a Job Search, Now What??? Using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as Part of Your Job Search Strategy” is an excellent how-to book for anyone looking for a new job or managing your career.

The book includes excellent tips regarding job searching in the Internet age. Thanks to Reach, Kristen is also a highly trained Personal Brand Strategist so this book is unlike any other job search book that has been written. Tips are provided for working with recruiters, improving your resume, interview strategies, building your Google visibility and much more. Kristen’s book provides a plethora of resources and tips to guide you through the job search process and differentiate yourself from the competition and the crowd.

One thing I’ve learned about Kristen through YOUnique is that she has an incredible ability to master new things while also embracing and juggling other demanding, time-consuming roles in her life. While Kristen is like many working mom’s she is definitely in a league of her own. She is rock-solid – just like her new book. If you’re searching for a new job online you should definately buy “I’m in a Job Search, Now What???” now!

The Strat
By Paul Copcutt

A Reach-certified Personal Brand Strategist offers tips and advice on our favorite topic – personal branding!

Are You Hiding Your Talents?

In a recent conversation with a senior management client it was interesting to observe that despite his list of impressive and significant accomplishments he was very reluctant to talk about them, let alone willing to write them down on paper.

This client is working for a Fortune 500 company where a strong internal profile and personal brand is key to getting the next opportunity or promotion, but no-one has shown him how to do it – authentically.

This was his dilemma. How to brag without appearing brash, arrogant or just plain big headed?

Here are 10 ways that you can market your talents without feeling unclean or sleazy!

1. Know exactly what it is you do to or for others.

You need to be able to express this in a very short, memorable sentence, so that when people have particular issues that you can solve they immediately think of you. Most ‘branders’ will tell you it has to be 12 or less words, some say 7, some even say 2 or 3. Whatever the length make it impactful.

2. Make it impossible for someone to say “no” to you after they have met you.

If you have managed to do all the hard work and gained someone’s attention, make sure that you provide them with enough to make them feel as if they cannot leave the interaction without wanting more.

3. Do not shy away from what you do and love what it does for others.

If you are not passionate about what you do, if you are embarrassed when people ask, then it’s negatively impacting all that you do. Find something that connects with your values and delivers a difference. This is perfectly possible in a corporate environment.

4. Do not be like the cobbler and his children.

Quite often I hear the phrase “Typical, its like the cobbler who’s children had no shoes…..” I will admit that even I am guilty of not “walking the talk” sometimes. Bottom line is that we should always be walking our talk – if you are in finance be sure your personal money is in order, if you are in IT don’t have an overflowing in box, if you are in marketing have a portfolio that reflects that.

5. Do more of what you are good at, leverage your talents.

What are you known for? What is your unique ability? How are these talents weaved consistently in to your everyday actions? Become known for something that proves to be invaluable because then you are.

6. Not everyone knows what they want, help them.

Everyone is overwhelmed today – too much e-mail, too many choices, too many requests on their time, not enough resources. Be sure of what it is you can do for people then ensure that you tell them and then demonstrate how that is going to be useful to them. If they can see the relevance the decision is made.

7. Attach the emotions, let people feel the connection.

If you only can explain your talents in very rational terms then the listener is much less likely to be engaged. Be more emotive in describing certain situations before you got involved. Discuss the challenges faced, the feelings associated with those problems and resulting feelings after you were able to help. This will enable others to feel connected to you.

8. Do not leave anything out.

All too often when we are using our unique talents we take a lot of what we are able to do for granted. After all, it just comes so naturally that it is not a strain, isn’t that the same for everyone? No, it’s not. So make sure that those who do utilise your talents are fully aware of all that you bring.

9. Have an answer for the doubting Thomases.

On occasion people will suddenly find a reason to be negative, sarcastic or doubtful of what it is you claim. Be ready with an effective response.

10. Build your brand – everywhere.

Ensure that all you are doing, saying and communicating is a reflection of how you want to be known.


Commercial Break
By William Arruda

What can personal branders learn from TV advertisements? Take a break and take a peak.

Dove: Evolution

I love this commercial because:
Dove’s message is that you are perfect the way you are – and they are spreading this message among young girls and older women – many who struggle with self-esteem issues. The advertising, their products and how they operate are all connected to their commitment to this specific area of social responsibility.

This ad and YOUR personal brand:
What are you doing to make the world a better place or to use what makes you great to support others? Just as companies have a commitment to social responsibility so too should every personal brand. How can you connect what you are passionate about with what you offer your employer or clients? In the world of personal branding, we call it personal social responsibility (PSR). What’s your cause? How do you connect what you’re about with how you give back?

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Reach Branding Club Speaker Series
Featuring: John Baldoni

Date: Thursday, March 11, 2010
Time: 9:00 AM Los Angeles, 12:00 PM New York, 5:00 PM London, and 6:00 PM Paris

CONFERENCE LINE: 1 (218) 486-1616
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Lead Your Boss: What That Means and Why It Matters

Frustration and lack of confidence in America’s CEOs and companies abounds in these economically difficult times. What does that mean for employees, whether middle managers or valued team players?

According to John Baldoni, author of “Lead Your Boss”, everyone needs to step into leadership for the greater good of companies and society at large, whether good times or more challenging times. In his inspiring book, John uses the power of stories and examples to showcase individuals who did just that. By using their natural abilities and skills, positive energy, and personal influence, they were able to accomplish great things by “leading from the middle”. In this Reach Personal Branding Interview with William Arruda, John will discuss practical strategies and advice to:

  • Think strategically and challenge yourself and your team to be more innovative and effective.
  • Cultivate honest feedback for growth and improvement.
  • Learn about the 3Cs of working together in a mutually beneficial way.
  • Persuade others to listen to your ideas so you can turn influence into leadership.
  • Challenge assumptions without challenging the individual.
  • Break down resistance to change.
  • Turn setbacks into comebacks and increase your resiliency factor.


John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership consultant, speaker, and author of numerous books, including “Lead Your Boss”, “Lead by Example” and “Great Communications Secrets of Great Leaders.” He writes the “Leadership at Work” column for Harvard Business Publishing which is also syndicated by Bloomberg.com.

John’s articles on leadership have appeared in BusinessWeek.com and FastCompany.com, and he has been featured or quoted in publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, and Investor’s Business Daily. His leadership resource website is www.johnbaldoni.com.