August 2010

Issue 34. August 12, 2010

William ArrudaWilliam’s Words
By William Arruda

A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding.

Vacation and Personal Branding

It’s that time of year in the northern hemisphere when many of us turn off for a week or two, or maybe for a series of extended weekends. And for many of us, that means trying really hard to turn work off and working really hard at having fun!

Although keeping work off your mind is one of your primary goals, keeping your career on the top of your mind IS a good thing. When you’re at work, you’re bogged down with emails, meetings and reports – making it hard to remove yourself and think about your career. So here are three simple but important questions to ponder as you’re sitting on the beach, touring a museum or sipping your umbrella adorned cocktail:

  • What’s my next move for my career?
  • Which of my greatest strengths is most differentiating for me and how can I integrate that strength into everything I do every day?
  • What one energy-zapping activity can I stop doing when I return to work?

Enjoy your vacation!

Kristen JacowayEXUDE Your Brand
By Kristen Jacoway

Online and offline tips on how to grow your brand and make it glow.
Six Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your Blog

When I first started blogging, I felt like I was blogging to a blank wall. I wondered when I would get a comment and get to engage with others on my blog. So many tools exist now that facilitates promoting your blog on other social media platforms quickly and for free. Let’s look at six ways I use to promote my own blog:

1) I have installed a plug-in called “Tweetly Updater”. You put in your Twitter user name. If you don’t have an account with (URL shortner service with analytics), you will sign up for this service and put in your account information on the settings page for Tweetly Updater. You can let it automatically publish your posts to Twitter so that all the people following you can click through your link and read your blog.

2) On Facebook, I have used the Notes feature and automatically imported my blog. For a detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to do this, read my past post on How to Import your Blog to Facebook. You can do this both on your personal page and your business page.

3) On LinkedIn, go to their applications and select the WordPress or Typepad application (depending upon which blogging platform you use). You will complete the information and be able to import your blog to LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, people will only see a “teaser” of what’s in your blog post. They will have to click on the linked title to read your entire blog post on your website.

4) Direct Message, from time to time, or send an @reply (start tweet with @username….–then it will show up in their Mentions area–I know many people who do not read their Direct Messages) to some of your followers who have a large following on Twitter. Ask them if they would please retweet your blog link. I’ve had this type of request from many people in the past and if I feel that it’s relevant to my target audience on Twitter, I am always happy to retweet.

5) This may seem simple, but make sure to include your website / blog URL in your email signature. I’ve looked at my analytics and seen from where my traffic comes — a good portion does come through people clicking on my URL in my emails.

6) Drive traffic and search engine optimization (SEO) by creating inbound links. What’s an inbound link? There are many different ways to have inbound links, but probably the most common and easiest way for you to make an inbound link is to create it for yourself.

How? Let’s take a look:

  • Go to Technorati and search on blogs in your area of expertise.
  • Once you’ve come up with a list, look for high-ranking blogs. I recently heard a speaker say that he looks for an authority ranking of 65 or higher.
  • Set up RSS feeds for these blogs or subscribe to them via email.
  • When you see a blog post where you can add value and show your thought leadership, leave a comment on their post. When you leave a comment, most blogs will ask for your name and website address.
  • Voila! You’ve just created an inbound link to your website.


Commercial Break
By William Arruda

What can personal branders learn from TV advertisements? Take a break and take a peak.

Gap: Khaki Soul

I love this commercial because: I am a fan of Bill Withers and his music. I am an eternal optimist (see my 360Reach brand assessment results), and I love how positive this commercial is. It features the product (Khakis and other Gap clothing) while being entertaining and uplifting.

This ad and YOUR personal brand:What music (or sounds) convey the essence of your brand?

microphone1August 2010 Reach Personal Branding Teleseminar Details

Date: TODAY, Thursday, August 12, 2010

9:00 AM Los Angeles, 12:00 PM New York,
5:00 PM London, 6:00 PM Paris

Twitter Does Job Search: Reinventing Branded Career Communication, Twitter-Style

Discover how Twitter is turning job search on its head and why Twitter’s short-form writing techniques are spurring the reinvention of career communication in a brand-driven, Web 2.0+ world.

So say Deb Dib and Susan Whitcomb, co-authors (with Chandlee Bryan) of The Twitter Job Search Guide. They are the guest experts on the August 2010 Reach Personal Branding Interview with William Arruda. In this interview you will learn::

  • How Twitter is being effectively used in job search and career development.
  • Critical dos and don’ts for using Twitter in job search and career building.
  • Why Twitter’s 140-character discipline is spawning the next generation of career communication, answering decision-makers and recruiters need for speed.
  • How personal branding makes Twitter work better.
  • How the BVP (Branded Value Proposition) is the core of all branded career communication, on Twitter and more, linking personal branding to strategic ROI value that speaks clearly and quickly to employers.

Deb Dib

Susan Whitcomb


Deb Dib is the trusted, go-to coach for CEOs, rainmakers, and rising stars, helping them navigate the new world of job search and career management “2.0+” so they can land faster, earn more, have fun, and change the world – without becoming sharks or suits!

A careers industry trend leader, CEO career communications expert, and one of the world’s first Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategists, she is known for her passion for innovation and for infusing ROI value into executive branding. Deb holds eight certifications, is featured in 30+ career books, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, The Daily News, Newsday, and Fox News among others.

She is co-author of the pioneering book, The Twitter Job Search Guide, and is the executive director and co-creator of The Academies’ Certified Branded Careers Coach program, the first program of it’s kind exclusively focused on training career professionals in the powerful short-form branded career communication craved by on-the-go multi-tasking decision makers and required by the demands of Web 2.0. In 2010 Deb was honored as the first recipient of the Dick Bolles/Career Management Alliance “Parachute Award” for innovation and mentoring.

Susan Whitcomb is a well-known and respected voice in the world of career training. Quoted regularly in the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, and other media, she is the award-winning author of seven career and job search books, including Resume Magic, Interview Magic, Job Search Magic, 30-Day Job Promotion, The Christian’s Career Journey, and, most recently, The Twitter Job Search Guide.

Susan is founder of The Academies, including Career Coach Academy and Job Search Academy, where hundreds of career professionals have earned their certifications in career coaching, job search strategy, Twitter, and, coming soon, branded career communications. As the career coach’s coach, Susan’s passion is equipping career professionals with the tools and tenacity to make a living at what they love.


The Twitter Job Search Guide, by Susan Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan, and Deb Dib (JIST) is about far more than tweets. You’ll find information on crafting 15-second pitches, branded value propositions, “160me” 160-character bios, resume profiles and job descriptions in tweets, and strategies for creating a ten-tweet cover letter.


Reach Personal Branding Interview Handout for August 2010

Missed the interview?

Click over to Personal Branding TV to listen: Deb Dib & Susan Whitcomb – Reach Personal Branding Interview Series


Congratulations to Diana Jennings of Brand You Image who was recently selected to participate on the Advisory Board of the Image Consultant’s Society International (ICSI).

The ICSI is a non-profit organization that will educate, facilitate, and regulate the image industry within India and the Middle East.

Read more here.


Marshall Brown Named “Career Coaching Blogger” For The Washington Post

WASHINGTON, DC, July 12, 2010 – Marshall Brown, President of Marshall Brown & Associates, was recently selected as the new career coach correspondent for The Washington Post “The Career Coach Is In” blog.

“Whether someone is in the midst of a job search now, “between successes,” or considering a career change in the future, I hope each person will gain invaluable resources from reading this blog,” Brown explained.

The subscribers of “The Career Coach Is In” have expressed their excitement in corresponding with Brown and have made it quite clear that they are hungry for insight to their burning questions on interviewing, resumes, networking, and the overall job search. Brown plans to offer just that–specific solutions and details on these topics and others.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics just reported the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) was 6.8 million,” Brown declared. “These people can use all the advice and resources they can get, and I plan to give them all I can.”

Brown is a certified career and executive coach, an entrepreneur coach, and a personal brand strategist. He is also the past board president of the Washington, DC Chapters of both the International Coach Federation and the Association of Career Professionals International.

Brown also publishes his own monthly e-newsletter called “It’s All About You!” He also writes a monthly career column for Association Trends called “Ask the Coach,” and has published articles in leading association management magazines and newsletters.

As an industry expert, his speaking engagements have attracted hundreds of association and business professionals from across the country. He can be seen on Business Week Online regarding the benefits of hiring a business/executive coach.

“Those who are looking for unbiased, professional advice on changing careers, managing the job search as a project, or have just been laid off will definitely want to subscribe to “The Career Coach Is In” to get in on the conversation,” Brown says.

For more information visit the Marshall Brown & Associates homepage.


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