August 2009

The Reach Personal Branding Newsletter – August 7, 2009

William Arruda William’s Words By William Arruda A note from the Founder of Reach Personal Branding. Give. Give. Give. Even though we may not be doing all we should to build our networks, we are well-aware of how helpful they can be to virtually all aspects of our career. Networking is an important component of the personal branding process. Networks are powerful. They are essential. And when the economy takes a turn south, they become even more meaningful to career-minded professionals. We rarely succeed in life without the help and support of those around us. Network members provide help in finding a new job or sourcing superstars to work for you. And they are great sounding boards and expert resources that enable you to be better at what you do. Effective networking is all about giving. One of the best ways to give to your network members is to help them build their own personal brands. So I decided to put together a list of Web 2.0 “presies” that will help you express your generosity while demonstrating your knowledge of Web 2.0 services. So give to your network! 1. Recommend them on LinkedIn. Nothing says ‘I care about you’ in a Web 2.0 world like a positive reference posted on your LinkedIn profile. Just ensure they are in your network, then click on ‘Recommend.’ You are helping make their LinkedIn profile more valuable and credible – the best kind of personal branding. 2. Give them a link to 360°Reach so they can perform a personal branding assessment. 15-day passwords to the newly launched version of 360°Reach are FREE – everyone’s favorite price! Since users of the tool reach out to colleagues, friends, family, networking contacts, etc, they have an opportunity to reconnect with the members of their brand community. 3. Add them to your Facebook friends. In the world of social networking, virtual popularity is even better than real-world popularity. And once they are in your network, send them a virtual hug! 4. Buy their personal domain name for them (i.e. For a year, it only costs about $9. You can search for and buy domain names at Even if they aren’t ready for their own web site, buying a domain name is like purchasing a plot of land. You own it so that when you are ready you can build on it. 5. Write a blog post about them or reference them on a relevant Blog. To find Blogs around specific topics, enter your keyword at You can also link to their web site or Blog or put their Blog in your Blogroll. We all know how much Google loves inbound links. 6. Discover their Google Quotient for them. Use the Online ID Calculator to help them understand how their personal brand shows up online. Use the calculator after googling them, then email them the results. It’s free. And if they are digitally distinct, they’ll get a badge of honor! And if they are not, you can provide advice on how they can improve their score. 7. Quote or reference them in an article you are writing or a presentation you are delivering – and make sure they know about the reference. Post the article or slides online. And if you write a press release about it, include it in all free press release search engines like 8. Use photofunia to create a fun and unexpected picture of them. There are dozens of designs to choose from. If you don’t have a photo of them, perform a google image search [] to see if you can find a photo there. This may not be a personal brand builder, but it’s a lot of fun! 9. Rate their YouTube video and share the video with others in your network. Creating and uploading videos can be a lot of work, recognize their efforts. Just search their name at 10. Write a review of their book or ebook and post it at and For all the authors in your network, this is a gift they will really enjoy!, Remember, networking is all about giving; and during this recessionary period, helping people with their personal branding is a valuable and appreciated gift. For other ideas for giving to your network, you can register for complimentary Career Karma tips.

Kristen JacowayBloggers Corner By Kristen Jacoway The best of the blog world related to personal branding. If you have any questions or blogs that you recommend keeping an eye on email me at Susan Guarneri shares tips and resources for maximizing your LinkedIn profile for your job search. Read the full blog post. Dave Peck shares online personal branding tips in his recent blog post, “Using Personal Branding to Find a Job.” He discusses the elements one should include in a personal website to leverage Web 2.0. Rosabeth Moss Kanter a, Professor at Harvard Business School, recently wrote a blog post on “The Downsides of Branding” that really highlight why you want to make sure your personal brand is based in authenticity. Are you working from home? Alison Rogers recently wrote an interesting piece for CBS Money about Peter Shankman (founder of Help a Reporter Out – HARO). She shares his successful entrepreneur secrets for having a home-based business. Brenda Bence wrote a blog post on defining your personal brand. She described six elements and how they all fit together to complete the puzzle for career and business success. She has written a personal brand book series called, How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo. You can read her guest blog post at Career Rocketeer.

commercialbreak2 Commercial Break By William Arruda What can personal branders learn from TV advertisements? Take a break and take a peak. Smirnoff: Tea Partay I love this commercial because: The combination of gangsta-rap with Biff and Buffy from New England is just priceless. This commercial is shot as a music video – but with all the irony they could inject into it. I used to live in Newport Rhode Island and think they captured the preppy vibe perfectly. From the second the Saab rounds the corner and you hear ‘P- Unit Forever’ you can’t take your eyes off this commercial (well, I certainly can’t). Very clever! This ad and YOUR personal brand: Is irony right for your brand? How can you inject your passions into how you express your personal brand? To see more of William’s “Commercial Breaks” click here.

Reach Personal Branding Speaker Series Bea Fields Leadership Branding for 2010 and Beyond: The 5 Critical Leadership Skills to Drive Performance and Deliver Ongoing Value for Your Customers Presented by: Bea Fields, President of Bea Fields Companies, Inc. Date: Thursday, August 13, 2009 Time: 9:00 AM Los Angeles; 12:00 PM New York; 5:00 PM London; 6:00 PM Paris NIKE’s “Just Do It” brand is a phrase that easily slips off the tongue of the majority of today’s consumers. But did you know that the decision makers at the helm of the company also live their life with a “Just Do It” leadership style? With this mindset, NIKE has been able to differentiate its company to customers, investors and employees. During this presentation, Bea Fields, author of EDGE! A Leadership Story will present the 5 critical leadership skills needed to create a magnetic effect, drawing top tier customers, employees and investors to your company. During this presentation, participants will: -Understand the difference between building a strong company brand for marketing purposes and building a strong leadership brand, -Learn the 5 critical leadership skills needed to develop a rock solid leadership brand – one that will drive performance and deliver ongoing value for both your internal and external customers, -Understand the 3 steps required to begin designing a strong leadership brand, -Learn the 5 main leadership derailment factors which can destroy a leadership brand, and -Gain insight into how a strong leadership brand can strengthen the marketing and branding strategy you present to the world. Look for additional information on this fascinating event by clicking here.