April 2009

The Reach Personal Branding Newsletter – April 15, 2009

William Arruda William’s Words By William Arruda
Spring has Sprung and So Should Your Brand

The rate of change is speeding up in the corporate world, making job tenure (even during good economic times) shrink. The only constant you have is your personal brand – you need to be the president of Me, Inc. In the future, many of you will be switching between working for Acme, Inc and Me, Inc with shocking regularity. Your brand – or professional reputation – will be your greatest asset as you navigate your new employment landscape. If you lost your job and were lucky enough to receive a package from your employer, now may be the perfect time for you to think about venturing out on your own. The first step is understanding your personal brand by answering this question: what is authentic to me (you), valuable to your target audience (ideal clients) and differentiating from your peers (competitors)? When you are clear about that, you can embark on a business plan for your new venture. In the new world of work, we can’t rely on our employers to manage our careers; we must do so every day in everything we do. And ‘Me-Too’ just won’t cut it. You need to know exactly what makes you unique and valuable and use that to stand out. If you are looking for a job in this economy, that’s critical because there are numerous others touting similar credentials and experience. If you think of yourself as your job title, you won’t make the cut. What makes you stand out?
This is the time of the year to prepare your garden – both metaphorically and literally – not only at home but also for your brand! The grass is getting greener, leaves are growing on trees, flowers are starting to bloom and so should you.
Here are a few tips to help you bloom!

  • Perform a career inventory. Think about your greatest accomplishments and the times when you were operating at the top of your game. What skills and strengths were you using?
  • Ask those around you what makes you interesting and valuable. What are the top three responses? How can you maximize that value? You can use the new version of 360Reach to learn what others think about you. Fifteen day passwords are free! www.reachcc.com/360v4register
  • Think about your passions – those things that energize you – and ask yourself how you can bring more of them into what you do or how you do it. Personal branding has become a major movement over the past several years and it is going to explode this year with the turbulent economy and widespread changes to the world of work. Jump on the ‘brandwagon’ now!

Personal branding has become huge over the past several years and it is going to explode this year with the turbulent economy and widespread changes to the world of work. Check out this post at The Personal Branding Blog (previously published at MarketingProfs) which details my nine personal branding predictions for 2009.

I leave you with the question from the footer of every email I send: What have you done for YOUR brand today?

What have you done for YOUR brand today?




Book Launch: Me 2.0 by Dan Schawbel By William Arruda

Kristen Jacoway EXUDE Your Brand By Kristen Jacoway
Online and offline tips on how to grow your brand and make it glow.

Have you checked out the new and improved online identity calculator? It has a new address – http://www.onlineidcalculator.com. If you are Digitally Distinct, you will earn a badge of Digital Distinction (you will be provided with the html code to embed on your website or blog). Try it and see for yourself. If you are a job seeker, in a company, or have your own business, your Google results are often the first impression people have of you. Eighty-seven percent of executive recruiters and hiring managers now Google potential employees before contacting them for an interview and 45% will eliminate a candidate based on their findings (source: Execunet). Try it out and earn your “Digitally Distinct” logo today!

The Reach Personal Branding Newsletter – April 15, 2009

William Arruda A Day In the Life… Edited by Rachel Gogos
A monthly column that brings you up close and personal to a Preferred Personal Brand Strategist

Geographic location: Dundas, Ontario, Canada – about 30 miles west of Toronto

URL: www.squarepegsolution.com

Target Audience: Leaders in Fortune 1000 companies and their teams.

Began his business in: 2002

Became a brand strategist in: 2004

1. Do you work from home or an office? Tell us about your workspace.
Office is in the house, my daughter actually thinks it’s where I nap. She knocked on the door one day and asked if I had finished sleeping! I do some work, honestly! The desk has plenty of space to work on the computer or write, various notice boards and white boards are all around to keep me on track. There is a big picture of a mountain behind me and various inspirational photos and items around. Also there is a big bookcase with my collection of personal brand books and signed copies of business books.

2. What is a typical day like for you? The great thing about working from home is I can get the kids ready for school and see them off before I start my day most of the time. Next, review workload for the day. If I am in the office it’s typically client work, coachins.

3. Toughest client and how you dealt with it?

The one that wants to leap forward to communicating their brand before they really have identified what it is – this can be both damaging and frustrating for them – because very often they have to come back and do the extracting of their brand again. Better to take a little more time and get very clear – then the expressing of that brand really is fun.

4. What do you do really well?

Coach, speak and connect people –that is what I try to get across to clients everyday – focus on your strengths and delegate the weaknesses. It energizes and inspires me and others – when I get caught up in what I should not be doing I am not being my best for my clients or me.

5. What is your favorite part of the day?

My ten minute review at the end of a day. What needs to get completed, what went well and celebrate that, what could have gone better and how can I learn from that for next time and finally what does the evening bring with my family.

Kristen JacowayOnline and offline tips on how to grow your brand and make it glow.

I am often asked, “How does my online identity help me in a job search?” So, I decided to take this opportunity to share my view on the subject. If built correctly, your online identity or Google quotient, show your thought leadership and expertise in a particular area. William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson have developed the “six Ps” of building your online identity and discuss a few of these strategies in their book, “Career Distinction.”

LinkedIn, Ziggs, Spoke, etc. are great starting places to build your professional profile. Additionally, blogging in your area of expertise builds results on Google. If someone (i.e. recruiter, hiring manager, employer) Googles you, your blog posts will be a part of your Google identity. If you are thoughtfully writing about initiatives in your field, providing helpful resources and other information then it will add pertinent information about you to your job search that a résumé on its own cannot provide.

Remember your resume is being reviewed by a person who has a stack of resumes to review, and they are Googling each candidate. Who stands out to them? Is it the person with no Google results? Probably not. A recent Execunet study found that 87% of recruiters and hiring manager DO Google potential candidates and 45% of them will eliminate candidates based on their findings.

You want to project a clear vision of who you are and what you want to express online. The personal branding process can help you uncover what is unique about you. In today’s marketplace, you want to stand apart from everyone else who has the same job title as you. How are you different and what can you provide to a company? An employer is looking for a candidate that can offer a unique promise of value.

Reach Branding Club Speaker Series

Produced by Susan Guarneri

Featuring: Jordan Friedman, author of The Stress Manager’s Manual and co-author of Go Ask Alice Book Of Answers is Director of Columbia University’s health education program

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Community News

• Krishna De, (www.krishnade.com) of Biz Growth Media is standing out in a very YOUnique way! Check her out on the e-book Women of Personality. http://www.thepersonalityproject.com/wop/images/PNI_WOP_1stEd.pdf

Kirshna is among 20 visionary business women who reveal their secrets of success in

this incredible ebook. Way to go Krishna.

• Congratulations to Valerie Sokolosky, President of Valerie and Company http://www.valerieandcompany.com/ for landing some great personal branding gigs @ IBM, UBS and Copper Communications.

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