Last Opportunity to become Certified with Kirsten Vernon

kirsten-vernonLast Opportunity to become Certified with Kirsten Vernon
By Kirsten Vernon (formerly Dixson)

The June 2013 Reach Personal Branding Certification and 360Reach Analyst Certification Programs will be the very last courses I teach for Reach after six consecutive years. If you’ve been considering joining these programs, I’d love to personally train you. Learn more about the upcoming schedule and make an appointment to speak with me about these always hot summer programs at

It’s been my great pleasure to train hundreds of career and business coaches, talent managers, recruiters, HR professionals, resume writers, and image consultants to use the Reach methodology with their clients and gain clarity on their own brands in the process. What an honor to be a catalyst for touching the careers of thousands of professionals!

I have loved serving as Reach’s Certification Programs Facilitator for two main reasons:

  1. After being the first person to ever register for the Reach Personal Branding Certification in 2004 and discovering how much this process really works, I grew my own successful personal branding practice and enjoy sharing best practices so program graduates may rebrand or launch their own initiatives in order to get a return on their investment.
  2. Having been a very active part of the Reach Community’s growth from its inception, it has been amazing to witness, and participate in, all of the collaboration and support that occurs among Reach Strategists everyday. I’ve especially been gratified to bring on board the Strategists around the world who have also been the first in their countries to become certified—often accommodating widespread time zones and those taking the program in English as a second language. In recent programs, we’ve added several new countries for Reach, including the Philippines, Denmark, Poland, Greece, and Cayman Islands. Reach has truly cemented the position as the global personal branding leader with Strategists in 40+ countries.

Why am I leaving then? All good things must come to an end, and I’m looking forward to being able to give 100% of my business focus to my own brand building efforts and launching some new offerings.

Of course, as William Arruda’s coauthor of Career Distinction: Stand Out By Building Your Brand who, as he says, knows the Reach branding process better than anyone next to him, I will continue to remain engaged in the Reach community.

Kirsten Vernon is the Personal Branding and Online Identity expert for positive influencers who want to profit from their ideas and coauthor of Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand (Wiley) and the upcoming Branded Bio: How to Take Your Bio from Bland to Brand. As Reach’s Programs Facilitator, Kirsten trained more personal branding strategists than anyone worldwide.


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