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Job Matchmaking – What makes you “click”?

“John, I heard you quit job! What happened?” The only thing I could say to that was “We just didn’t click!”

That got me thinking, what exactly did I mean when I said that I didn’t click with my job? So I grabbed a pen and paper and created a checklist of what I thought the perfect job offered to see just how we “didn’t click.” This is what my checklist looked like:

  • Multinational Company
  • Company Reputation
  • Company Portfolio
  • Great Annual Package
  • Regional Position

To my surprise, the job I just quit aced my checklist, so what exactly was I complaining about?

I wish I knew then, what I know now. In this post, I will reveal to you an important, if not the most important, aspect to consider while exploring the next company to work for. VALUE!

Yes, value matchmaking should be on top of your checklist. Your values are what make up your belief system. You can’t detach yourself from your values … they are what make you who you are! Knowing your set of values helps you making sound career decisions. They serve like a compass guiding your career to happier and more satisfied you. Identifying your values will help you recognize whether you and a particular company of interest would make a good fit.

Let’s take some examples:

  • If you value family, then you are less likely to feel comfortable with a job that requires of you to be away from yours 90% of the time. As exciting as the suitcase-life might be at the beginning, you will soon grow restless because you just miss you family too much.
  • If you value fairness, then you will be frustrated to be working for a company that has a tendency of terminating employees under the pretext of internal restructuring, even if you yourself are pampered.
  • If you value calmness, you are bound to blow a fuse working as a manager for nightclub.

Matching your values embraced by the company you intend to work for will leave you with a greater sense of content and in turn allow you to be more productive.

To make sure you “click” with your next job, your homework before heading of to the next job interview is unearthing your top 5 personal values. If you have difficulty identifying your values, I recommend you take note of things that bother you. Usually when something bothers us, it’s because one of our values is being violated.

… And like I always say, “YOU SHY, YOU DIE!”

John Antonios is a Personal Branding Strategist & Executive Coach. He stands side by side with politicians, executives, and graduates helping them understand and promote their brand DNA, allowing them to cash in on their passion and take control of their legacy.


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