Fresh Grads – Stand Out!: Build your Personal Brand in 100 steps!

John-AntoniosFresh Grads – Stand Out! By John Antonios
Helping new graduates stand out from the crowd and take control of their career legacy.

Build your Personal Brand in 100 steps!

Know Yourself

1. Define your vision

2. Explain your purpose

3. Unearth your passion

4. Identify your values

5. Set your goals

6. Uncover the perception of your brand

7. Refine identity to match desired perception

8. Understand your strengths

9. Highlight your skills

10. Reinforce your level of GRIT

Familiarize yourself with your brand environment

11. Classify your target audience

12. Define your competition

13. Understand the competitions’ strengths and weaknesses

14. Identify the challenges and opportunities presented by your brand environment

Unearth your brand

15. Write your personal brand statement (PBS) revealing your unique promise of value

16. Script your bio

17. Develop your brand story

18. Practice your elevator pitch

Communicate Your Brand

19. Get a photo shoot that reflects your brand attributes

20. Update your CV / Portfolio

21. Create your professional profile on LinkedIn

22. Seek out recommendations of your work

23. Use one avatar across all social media platforms

24. Use your PBS and extended versions of that across all platforms

25. Create your profile on

26. Own your vanity URL

27. Use your vanity URL as a hub for your contact info (include your CV)

28. Start blogging to communicate your passion

29. Comment on professional high-traffic blogs related to your subject of interest

30. Showcase your work on sites like and

31. Develop your communication wheel to include the different channels you’ll be using to communicate your brand

32. Identify your different communication content themes

33. Create a detailed calendar highlighting the frequency of your brand communication across the different platforms

Market your brand

34. Identify your brand colors … this is not your color of preference. It should reflect your brand attributes

35. Choose the font that speaks your brand language

36. Fashion your brand slogan/tagline

37. Develop you personal brand logo

38. Create your business card … strip away the boring title; create one that reflects who you are.

39. Develop your video bio

Monitor your brand

40. Create your online brand listening station – use tools like Google Alerts and

41. Google yourself regularly and assess the results – use this free online identity quiz

42. Seek feedback from others & monitor the progression of your brand’s perception

43. Ensure online & offline brand communication consistency

Refine your communication skills

44. Become an eloquent speaker –join an organization like Toastmasters

45. Take up acting classes – it will increase you confidence under the spotlight

46. Join a writing class – learn all styles: business, poetry… creative writing; then develop your own style!

Live Your Brand

47. You attire should reflect your brand at all times – remember I’m referring to the style not the clothes

48. Your surroundings should mirror your brand attributes – your mobile, office, hair, clothes, … everything should be on-brand

49. Connect with the right people.

50. Have fun doing it … it’s all about you!

I’m in a very giving mood, so I gave you a 50% discount on the 100 steps, you only have to do 50 … and remember, like I always say, YOU SHY, YOU DIE.

John Antonios is a Personal Branding Strategist & Executive Coach. He stands side by side with politicians, executives, and graduates helping them understand and promote their brand DNA, allowing them to cash in on their passion and take control of their legacy.


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