Why Reach?

The Global Leader in Personal Branding

Reach has more experience in building and implementing personal branding programs than any other company. Here are the top ten reasons to partner with us.


1.  Understands your business. Reach Founder, William Arruda, spent twenty years in the highly competitive IT and consulting industries (IBM, Lotus, KPMG). He understands the importance of innovation and is passionate about the human component of business.

2.  Has been around for over a decade – longer than any other personal branding company.

3.  Was founded by William Arruda who is credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry. He is a bestselling author and is the most sought-after speaker on the topic of personal branding.

4.  Is the recognized global leader in personal branding with business in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

5.  Builds all programs for clients using a proven, structured methodology that’s based on William Arruda’s 20+ years of corporate branding experience.

6.  Launched the first and leading personal branding assessment, 360Reach, which enables participants to understand their reputation from the outside in.

7.  Provides personal branding programs for 20% of the Fortune 100 including, Adobe, American Express, Cisco, Fedex, GE, IBM, J&J, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Starwood Hotels and Time Warner.

8.  Delivers personal branding keynotes and workshops to leading Universities including, Cornell, Harvard, NYU, Syracuse University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UMich, UT Austin and Wharton.

9.  Has a broad and deep bench of resources. Reach has delivered over 1,000 personal branding certifications to coaches and trainers with varied backgrounds and experience in 30 countries. Reach collaborates with these professionals when building programs for clients.

10.  Uses client satisfaction as our single measure of business success.