Social Branding Programs

We’re the leader in bringing social branding to your entire organization. We do this through our:

  • Enterprise-wide Social Branding Programs
  • Social Branding Coaching for Senior Executives


Enterprise-wide Social Branding Programs

peopleSocial media provides a unique opportunity to make your business more human. The more your employees use social media to engage with your brand community, the more connected they become to the company’s identity. And the more human your brand becomes, the easier it is to build emotional connections and trust with clients, shareholders, business partners and potential hires.



That’s why we offer comprehensive Social Branding Programs – focusing on LinkedIn – to engage your people and bolster the corporate brand. It’s time to engage all your people in the process – not just your sales people.


Why we focus on LinkedIn

Although we cover all aspects of social media branding, we focus on LinkedIn because it:

  • Is the world’s biggest and most respected professional network with 330M+ members
  • Provides the greatest opportunity to increase visibility while strengthening your brand
  • Offers employees learning opportunities that expand their skills and help them do their jobs better while engaging them more deeply in your business

Engaging your entire workforce in LinkedIn will become a competitive advantage for your organization.


How LinkedIn will transform your company

It’s not just social media hype anymore. LinkedIn has proven its worth to businesses of all sizes. The benefits to your employees and your company are tremendous:

  1. Increased Visibility for Your Brand

Fact: “Employees are 70% more likely to engage with your company updates.” [Source: LinkedIn]

Why does this matter? Because when your employees “like” and “share” status updates, they make them visible to their contacts. And when employees comment on your communications, the visibility of that item increases.

Fact: “Companies that have a greater proportion of their employees on LinkedIn have more followers on their company pages. In fact, 9 out of the top 10 brands with the most followers on LinkedIn have at least 60% of their employees on LinkedIn.” [Source: BrightEdge]

The more company page followers, the higher your page will rank in LinkedIn search results, sparking greater reach and potential interaction with your content.

  1. A Strong Network of Brand Ambassadors.

When someone looks at a profile of one of your employees, it not only speaks to their personal brand, but to your company brand as well. If you help your staff build stellar profiles and show them how to engage and stay connected to their community, you’re sending a message about your company brand to everyone who visits their pages or interacts with them.

This is valuable to clients, potential customers, business partners and existing and future employees. It becomes a competitive advantage. Through the collective profiles of your employees, others can see the talent and specific skills of your people.

  1. Improved Company Morale.

If you’re preventing your employees from accessing LinkedIn or are discouraging them from having profiles, you’re sending the message that you don’t trust them. And trust is essential for building strong relationships.

Encouraging your employees to link to each other keeps them connected and your company becomes the basis for the shared bond. Employees gain insight into other departments based on what they share. Beyond giving kudos to a colleague during a meeting, endorsing them online via LinkedIn makes this acknowledgement visible to a much larger community. Public praise and recognition are powerful rewards for great work.

  1. Enhanced Employee Performance.

LinkedIn is not just a place to showcase your skills and connect with your network. It’s a place where you can keep your skills sharp and continually find ways to do your job better. You can solve problems that can’t be solved internally, keep on top of trends and best practices and even benchmark your company against the competition.


Our process is designed for success.

Our social branding programs are built on a solid foundation. Here’s a snapshot of our process:

  1. Start with an audit. We measure where you are and what your objectives are for the program. This helps us evaluate success and refine our work as we proceed.
  2. Engage leaders first. It’s easier to engage people throughout the organization when they see that their leaders walk the talk. A 2014 study of social CEOs conducted by BRANDfog confirmed that social media use contributes to building trust. Roughly two-thirds of UK respondents and nearly three-quarters of US respondents believe that a company is more trustworthy if its leaders use social media to communicate about core mission, brand values and purpose. For your leaders (and throughout the organization), we deliver a three phase process:
  • This stage is about building a perfect LinkedIn profile that is authentic and compelling. Your profile should not only impress your network, it should make those outside it want to get to know you.
  • This stage has to do with connections and groups – building your network and understanding how to use LinkedIn as your contact management system.
  • This final stage leads to overall improved job performance. We teach employees how to use LinkedIn to demonstrate their thought-leadership, solve problems, source staff, nurture their network and open doors to clients and partners.
  1. Roll out the program. There are many ways to run this program across your organization. It could involve working one-on-one with our Social Branding Analysts, Train-the-Trainer programs, or building learning modules for incorporation into your talent development programs. We build and implement a launch program customized to your needs.
  2. Measure the impact. Finally, we evaluate success based on the measures we established together at the beginning of the process.


Why we are different, and why it matters.

  • We take a personal branding approach to ensure authenticity.
  • We customize every program we deliver so we efficiently deliver on objectives.
  • We scale our programs to work across your entire organization and across the globe. We have over 80 Social Branding Analysts who can support your plans.

These programs have tremendous impact on all aspects of a company. For the individual, they increase engagement, effectiveness and confidence. For the organization, they bolster the brand, increase visibility and enhance stakeholder perceptions.

Are you ready to transform your organization?


Social Branding Coaching for Senior Executives

Social media matters.

consultIt’s no longer a nice to have. It’s essential for your leaders to be using social media. Business is a human endeavor, and social media provides the most effective, efficient vehicle for CEOs to build emotional connections with stakeholders. A recent Weber Shandwick study showed that 80% of employees say they would rather work for a social CEO, and two thirds of customers say that their perception of the CEO impacts their perception of the company.


Why mastering LinkedIn is critical for leaders.

At Reach, we understand the importance of building a social media strategy for your executives and we know that it must start with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world and it’s often the first place decision-makers go when they want to research someone. Even if they start with Google, they will likely end up at LinkedIn because LinkedIn profiles show up at the top of Google searches on people’s names.

Our LinkedIn training is designed just for you.

We know what your executives need and understand how busy they are. That’s why we have developed a high-touch, comprehensive service to support them. There are over 100 different LinkedIn features to consider and many ways each feature can be used.

Although it’s essential for your executives to be using social media regularly and effectively, it’s not their job to be a LinkedIn expert. That’s why we assign them a specially trained Social Branding Analyst who works with them to build a custom digital branding strategy.


The difference: 1-1 time with our Social Branding Analysts.

Having the personal attention of one of our Analysts enables your executives to embrace and succeed at using social media. Your Social Branding Analyst:

  • Interviews and coaches you to understand your personal brand, objectives and style.
  • Performs a digital branding audit and provides a summary along with recommendations and priorities.
  • Develops content for your LinkedIn profiles including the headline, summary and experience, along with thought-leadership content that might include images, videos, infographics, presentations, whitepapers, articles, blogs, etc. They can also recommend one of our tested headshot photographers for your profile photos if necessary.
  • Works with you to develop and implement a strategy for network building and nurturing. This includes a custom plan for connections and groups.
  • Builds your profile to support your personal branding goals and to help bolster the brand of the organization
  • Creates a strategy for using LinkedIn on a regular basis to reinforce relationships, increase visibility, demonstrate thought-leadership and establish emotional connections with stakeholders.
  • Performs analysis and follow-up recommendations.

The result? Leaders who are visible and available to decision-makers and influencers. Stronger emotional connections and increased trust in the organization. A business that’s more human.

And we know it works. Why? Because we have done it again and again for leaders at some of the world’s most respected, global brands. Are we’re ready to work with your leaders.