Keynotes & Webinars

Keynotes, Workshops and Web Seminars

All of our keynotes, workshops and web seminars are designed to drive long lasting value for your business. We understand that every organization has different needs and that the Reach personal branding activities need to fit into existing talent development strategies. That’s why we customize every program to meet your objectives and integrate into your learning curriculum. What unites all of our professional development solutions is our steadfast focus on results.

Employees deliver the greatest value when they are fulfilled, confident and respected for the unique value they contribute. Give your employees not only the permission, but the mandate to use what makes them exceptional to increase the success of your business. This translates into greater commitment, which in turn becomes customer loyalty, increased revenue and greater profitability.

“37% of profitability is attributable to employee satisfaction.” Barrett

Often, development workshops focus on improving weaknesses. While improving weaknesses is important for all of us, focusing exclusively on eliminating weaknesses can yield a workforce of mediocrity where every employee is average at everything.

True differentiation and success requires a focus on developing employees’ unique strengths. When all your talent focuses on their strengths, the entire organization rises to a new level of performance. To do this, they need to understand their superpowers – what makes them stand out. They must be keenly aware of who they are, what value they have to contribute and how they can maximize that for their personal and organizational success.

Our Personal Branding Workshops are the Answer
Attrition is costly. Hiring and training takes time and effort and detracts from the business at hand. You are no longer responsible for managing your employees’ careers, but keeping them fully engaged and in the company is a goal of the most successful organizations. Our personal branding workshops provide your employees with an interactive environment and the tools they need to understand what makes them compelling to your organization. They increase their self-motivation and deliver greater value to your company by leveraging their strengths.

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