Developed by behavioral psychologists and branding experts, 360°Reach is the leading web-based personal brand assessment that enables career-minded employees to get the real story about how they are perceived by those around them. It is being used by many Fortune 500 companies and global brands including: American Express, BP, British Telecom, J&J, JPMorgan, Ogilvy Interactive, Microsoft, Starwood Hotels and Time Warner. It provides career-minded professionals with valuable insights that are both eye-opening and action-oriented. Unlike many corporate 360-degree assessments, 360°Reach is focused on development, not appraisal. It enables users to obtain input that is truly 360 degrees – including associates from outside the corporation (clients, business partners, networking contacts, etc.). And 360°Reach ensures respondents’ anonymity, so users can be confident in their feedback.

Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
To succeed in today’s ultra-competitive and dynamic work environment and deliver the greatest value to their organization, executives and professionals must be aware of their reputation. 360°Reach helps them understand their unique personal brand attributes and their strengths and weaknesses so they can exploit their unique value and engage themselves more passionately in your business. Self-awareness from an external perspective enables them to increase their confidence and self-motivation and build solid relationships with their constituencies.

“I wish I learned about 360°Reach 20 years ago. I’ve had performance reviews and career development coaching almost every year, but none was as effective as your method. I wish your technique were available to all our corporate trainees before they are trapped in the standard performance review syndrome.” Charles Mangano, Vice President, Bank of America

360°Reach is ideal for emerging leaders, managers, customer-facing staff, teams and virtually anyone in the organization who would like to increase their engagement, personal impact, motivation, confidence and self-awareness.

Proven. Affordable. Effective. Fun!
360°Reach has been used by nearly a million people. It’s affordable, easy to implement, and most importantly, effective. It’s available to corporations at volume discounts and/or as part of completely customizable personal branding/reputation management experiences which include workshops, assessments, coaching and on-demand products. And you can test out the system to see if it is right for your organization.

Pricing: From $47 per participant.

To learn more and develop a program to meet your specific needs, please send an email to: support@reachcc.com

360Reach Certification
Although 360°Reach provides an easy to read and actionable report, we certify HR, Training and Development Managers and career coaches to deliver in depth analysis of 360°Reach results. Once certified, you’ll be able to support your talent or team members with this leading-edge assessment. In this program, you’ll learn how to perform a detailed analysis of feedback, coach users through their results and help them develop brand aspirations and personal commitments. Learn more.