Editor’s Note: When Your Blog Hits a Dead End!

Editor’s Note

By Peter Sterlacci

When Your Blog Hits a Dead End!

One of the best ways to communicate your personal brand is through your own blog. Blogs are essential in building your credibility and visibility – the ‘ilities’ as we say at Reach! Earlier this year, William Arruda identified personal publishing as one of his personal branding trend for 2012. Blogs and other online portals are enabling any one of us to be ‘published’ and extend our personal brands.

While it is exciting to have a blog and even more exciting to actually have people subscribe to and read your content, it is a BIG commitment. Once you start you need to provide regular content, or else your blog will become an empty parking lot and nobody will come by for a visit.

Any blogger is bound to stare at a blank sheet of paper or a blinking cursor on their screen. Bloggers block is inevitable! Here are a few sources from 4 blogging experts to keep at your fingertips then next time your blog hits a dead end.

  1. Brain Clark of Copyblogger has a great infographic highlighting 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue.
  2. Michelle Shaeffer started Dailybloggingideas.com to help bloggers keep a steady stream of ideas. Every day Michelle posts a blogging idea prompt that you can use to blog about, or as a teaser to come up with your own idea.
  3. Jon Morrow, also of Copyblogger fame, recently released a free report called ‘52 Headline Hacks‘ where he gives 52 actual templates to generate 52 headlines to use for your blog posts.
  4. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has a great post with 25 techniques to battle bloggers block adapted from how he deals with speakers block.

I am certainly not a blogging expert, but a technique I am using is hosting a ‘blog-a-thon’ on my blog. I recently started the ‘30x30x30 Personal Branding Blogathon’ running from June 1 – June 30. I was amazed how quickly I found people in my network willing to join the effort and share content. Every day I feature a new thought leader’s post. Seeking guest bloggers is a great way to add fresh content to your own blog, and give you a bit of a break!

Best of luck to you in your blogging efforts to communicate your brand. I am always looking for guest authors for YOUnique as well as guest bloggers for my blog so let me know at peter at reachcc dot com.

On a final note, I want to thank Paul Copcutt for his 18-month contribution to YOUnique. This issue will be Paul’s final book review. His reviews have been a foundation of this newsletter and will be missed. Thank you Paul and I am sure we will grab you for a guest post now and then!

Peter Sterlacci

Peter Sterlacci, founder of BeYB – Believe. Become. Be Your Brand, combines personal branding strategy with cycling imagery to empower on-the-move careerists in global companies in Japan to shift gears, get out of the saddle, and sprint to career success.


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