Editor’s Note: Three Sizzling Hot Trends on the Web

Rachel Gogos

Editor’s Note

By Rachel Gogos

Three Sizzling Hot Trends on the Web

Each day the web is becoming more information packed. Social media is crowded, contents in all shapes, colors and sizes exist, websites are a dime a dozen (maybe even cheaper) and YouTube has enough video content for some unfathomable calculation (ie: enough video footage to circle the globe 10 times).

So, how can you stand out on the web? How can you make a lasting impression? I recently returned from an amazing Internet marketing conference run by Yanik Silver and learned about the latest and greatest ways to build your brand online.

Gamification – It’s all the rage. Millions and millions of games are downloaded daily. Think of ways to make things fun and entertaining – it makes things more memorable. Think about your day – those customer loyalty cards you’re using at your local coffee shop – gamifying your latte!

Video – We’ve been talking about video a lot over the past two years. In fact PersonalBranding.TV was launched over two years ago! Use video people – it’s the best way to build your brand online because it’s as holistic as you can communicate on the web.

Mobile – The iPad 3was released yesterday. Sales for iPads are through the roof, and Android devices too. Tablets and phones of all kinds are outselling computers already. Make sure your online content is “mobile friendly.”

SEO – Here’s a little bonus for you. It was discussed at the conference and then again yesterday on a webinar with Chris Brogan and Lewis Howes – get on Google+ – it’s a fantastic way to build your SEO (search engine optimization) and build your brand in a very smart way.

If you would like to know more about any of these tools and trends drop me a note via email at rgogos at reachcc dot com or send me a tweet @RachelGogos.


Rachel Gogos is the Chief Brand Builder at brandiD, a digital marketing and web design firm specializing in building unique, attention-getting, online identities through personal branding, social media, and highly differentiated WordPress sites.


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