Editor’s Note: The Power of Answering, “Why?”

Rachel Gogos

Editor’s Note

By Rachel Gogos

The Power of Answering, “Why?”

Ever hear of the Golden Circle? The concept was discovered and popularized by Simon Sinek and it centers around “inspiring action.” For a thorough explanation of the Golden Circle watch Sinek’s Ted X video, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. It’s a fascinating and, absolutely accurate approach to selling, marketing and even personal branding. It’s also a fairly simple concept that makes a lot of sense.

In a nutshell, Sinek explains that when most people talk, write or communicate in some fashion, they first address “What” they are doing, then “How” they do it, and at the tale end say “Why” they are doing what they do.
Sinek’s Golden Circle reveals that people actually are more drawn in by the “Why” first, then the “How,” and last of all the “What.” If someone buys into your “Why” then they are going to want to know “What.”

Sinek provides a great example in this Ted video, using Apple as the gold standard in talking about the “Why.” And for a moment, I want to digress, and say that Steve Jobs was an incredible example of a personal brand living in complete alignment with a corporate brand, and it wasn’t because he founded Apple it was in the quality, the care, the detail of Apple produces, how they designed, built, sold and serviced. A rare gem, Steve Jobs was, and we will be learning from him for years to come.

Back to Sinek’s Golden Circle and how it applies to personal branding. Your “Why” is a combination of your purpose and your values, and in my humble opinion the core, the soul, the most authentic elements of a person’s personal brand.

Since I learned about Sinek several months ago, I send the Ted video referenced above, to every client I work with, before they develop their homepage copy for their website, or while embarking on a personal branding program. Because if you can answer “Why?” I believe people will want to know more.

Have you asked yourself Why? What’s the answer?

Rachel Gogos is the Chief Brand Builder at brandiD, a digital marketing and web design firm specializing in building unique, attention-getting, online identities through personal branding, social media, and highly differentiated WordPress sites.


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  1. I totally agree with you Rachel. Simon’s TED talk is perfect to send to clients who are embarking on a personal branding journey including how to brand themselves online. It is one of my all time favorite TED Talks.