Editor’s Note: Social Media is Evolving Fast

Rachel Gogos

Editor’s Note

By Rachel Gogos

Social Media is Evolving Fast

Social media is constantly evolving. New players are emerging frequently. Two weeks ago Google+ entered the game, and from what I’m reading and seeing it’s going to be a formidable competitor for Facebook. Take a look for yourself, Social Rank’s Roshan Khan, created a great “How To Use Google Plus” video. So, how do you know which social media playground to play in?

A few questions to ask yourself before jumping in are:

  • What are your online goals? Are you trying to find a job? Are you trying to sell a product or service? Or, are you trying to build your online visibility?
  • Where is your target audience hanging out?
  • How much time do you have?
  • Do you have a budget?

One of the most incredible things about social media is that it is the cheapest and most powerful viral marketing tool of our generation. BUT, and that’s a big but – you have to use it carefully. Before you launch into talking, start by listening.

Start with one social media platform, study your competition, and listen to your target audience – what are their needs? Then, jump in.

Many of the same social etiquette rules that you use at a cocktail party also apply to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To learn a little more about social media mistakes to avoid I found this nifty blog post in the Search Engine Journal, called Think You Can’t Make Social Media Mistakes?

There is more on social media in the newsletter below – check out Paul Copcutt’s book review.

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Rachel Gogos is the Chief Brand Builder at brandiD, a digital marketing and web design firm specializing in building unique, attention-getting, online identities through personal branding, social media, and highly differentiated WordPress sites.


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One Response to “Editor’s Note: Social Media is Evolving Fast”

  1. Peter Sterlacci says:

    Thanks Rachel. It is so easy to get sucked into using social media and without the right strategy it can also be a huge time sink! I personally set a couple times during the day where I check-in to all my social media sites to read, post, comment, and share. It is also a great idea to track your social media. A great tool that tracks your presence across FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora is http://www.mywebcareer.com It gives you a “career score” based on your network, profiles, and search results.