Editor’s Note: Curating Thought Leadership

Editor’s Note

By Peter Sterlacci

Curating Thought Leadership

We all know that content is king. Yet, there seems to be a battle in the content marketing space about ‘curation’ versus ‘creation.’ Is curation compatible with thought leadership or is a thought leader someone who is always creating new content that delves into uncharted territory?

When I started exploring this a bit more, I came across a great post by Todd Defren called Seven Principles of Content Marketing. His first principle is to “Follow a 70/30 rule – 70% of content curated, 30% branded”. Todd’s reason for this is what sparked my interest. He says: “The rest of the world is at least 70% more interesting than your brand; and promoting external content builds social capital.”

I am sure people would consider Chris Anderson, the curator of TED Talks, as a thought leader and yet 99% of the content coming out of TED is certainly not created by Chris himself. Chris Anderson to me is the quintessential content curator and he has clearly built enormous social capital by promoting the external content of others. After all, under his stewardship, the mission of TED shifted to “ideas worth spreading”. It was the spirit of TED’s mission actually that inspired me to recruit 30 thought leaders in June to share their ideas about personal branding for my 30-day Blogathon.

Sure I could have created my own content every day for 30 days but how interesting would that have been? It would have been 100% about my content rather than external content which is likely to be, as Todd Defren says, at least 70% more interesting than my stuff!

My blogathon actually proved that by curating external content I could drive significantly more engaged traffic to my site in just 30 days than after over 9 months of creating and posting my own content. This engagement even motivated me to then publish the 30 articles into an official eBook that has now been downloaded from my site over 800 times in less than 3 weeks! (Click here for your own free copy of the 30x30x30 Blogathon eBook)

Reach is a great example of content curation. The Personal Branding Blog, Personal Branding TV, and YOUnique represent three ways Reach promotes external content. Granted, William Arruda’s own content is incredibly awesome, but the power of Reach is how it ‘reaches’ out to the world with curated content from the best thought leaders in personal branding.

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  1. The concept of contact curation is quite fascinating in that it leverages the value
    added generayed by the group. Each contributor benefits from
    the association and also creates spin off benefits that empowers everyone. It is a total win. Great job on your amazing effort.