Editor’s Note: Being Lazy is Good for Your Brand!

Editor’s Note
By Peter Sterlacci

Being Lazy is Good for Your Brand!

One of the soundest pieces of advice I got in my Reach certification was to be ‘lazy’. Be lazy? Really? How can that be good? This was my initial reaction but I soon realized why being lazy can be a remarkable thing in building credibility and visibility. William often uses the example of how one task you do can be used in a number of different ways to build your brand identity. For example, a presentation can be broken into a handful of blog posts, or a series of mini-video lessons on YouTube or Vimeo, or slides that can uploaded to Slideshare, etc. In other words, we don’t need to always be generating fresh new content. Old content can easily be reframed and packaged in a variety of different ways.

In my own case, my laziness created massive traffic to my blog. Again, you might be thinking how can laziness with a blog lead to more traffic? We all know that maintaining a blog is an important part of establishing your brand, but we also know that consistently posting content is required if we want to drive traffic to our site. In the beginning, I was far from lazy. I tried to write a few posts a week and at one point even tried to keep up with a new post every day. I soon discovered that my diligence in blogging also led to frustration and stress. I was more concerned with quantity over quality and as much as I blogged traffic was not increasing.

Then I realized what if I asked other people to post their content on my site? Instead of doing all the work by myself, I could be a bit ‘lazy’ and curate the content of other thought leaders and experts in the personal branding space. The ‘blogathon’ was born!

Experts and thought leaders are always looking for places to share their content and your own blog can be an ideal platform. Blogathons enable you to host a series of guest authors over a series of days all around a specific topic or theme. Each day you feature a new author and something magical happens. The communities and tribes of these authors are now coming to your site! Your exposure grows exponentially! I know this for a fact. Before my first blogathon my blog averaged about 20 views a day. During the blogathon this jumped up to over 400, and after the blogathon ended traffic pretty much remained steady at around 300. In addition, my own content was now being shared. Pre-blogathons I was lucky to have 10 people share my content on social media. Now I average over 100 or more per post.

Being lazy is good! My laziness helped me to build a tremendous community by tapping into the thought leadership of others. I have now completed 4 different blogathons and the content of two of these have also been published into eBooks that can be downloaded for free on my site. Truth be told, running a Blogathon is a lot of work, but the community you will build and the exposure you will gain is remarkable!

If you are interested in running your own blogathon, here is a quick post on How to Run a 30-day Blogathon and Survive. I would also be happy to answer any questions on how to get started. Just email me at peter at petersterlacci dot com.

Peter Sterlacci, founder of BeYB – Believe. Become. Be Your Brand, , combines personal branding strategy with cycling imagery to empower on-the-move careerists in global companies in Japan to shift gears, get out of the saddle, and sprint to career success.


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