Editor’s Note: 10 Quick Fixes for Your Personal Brand

Editor’s Note

By Peter Sterlacci

10 Quick Fixes for Your Personal Brand

Is your personal brand in need of a pick-me-up? When was the last time you took a closer look at your social media profiles, your bio / about page, or your current online reputation?

Now is a good time to proactively upgrade your personal brand with these 10 quick fixes.

  1. Refresh your headshot – Get a new headshot with a new look. Simply changing the color of your shirt, your hairstyle or even the style of your glasses can give you brand a boost. Just keep it professional and ‘on-brand’ for you.
  2. Makeover your LinkedIn profile – LinkedIn has made some really big changes that have affected your profile. Familiarize yourself with these changes right away. Here is a great post by LinkedIn expert Donna Serdula on how to take advantage of LinkedIn’s new design with tips you can immediately apply.
  3. Assess your online identity – Here at Reach we always recommend the free ‘Online ID Calculator’ to understand how your appear on the digital scale. Find out how the world sees you when they Google your name!
  4. “Ego-surf” and manage your online reputation – After knowing your digital identity, make it a regular habit to Google your own name and proactively manage your brand online. Set up Google Alerts and open free accounts on Brandyourself.com, Vizibility.com, and Profiled.com.
  5. Set up your ‘Google Authorship’ – What this does is link any content authored by you that shows up in Google search to your Google+ profile. This means your profile photos appears alongside content attributed to you as well as a link to more content from you as the author.
  6. Build “me to the power of we” – Your personal branding success is ultimately determined by both your ability to communicate your unique promise of value AND your communities capability to magnify your brand. Join LinkedIn groups related to your expertise, search for opportunities to be a guest blogger, comment on blogs in your niche, sponsor a ‘blogathon‘ on your own blog, start an interview series and introduce thought leaders to your community.
  7. Focus on real clout, not your Klout score – Don’t get lost in the virtual world of socializing and connecting. Make it a habit to schedule at least 1 in-person networking event per month in 2013. Find “meetup” groups in your area to connect with like-minded folks.
  8. Create a compelling bio (video and text) – Create a bio in both video and text that demonstrates your character and tells your story. Video continues to be a game changer so find ways to communicate your character on video by using such platforms as videoBIO or ViewYou.
  9. Set up your profile on Vizify -Techcrunch has called Vizify “the About.me on steroids!” Vizify collects and transforms all the fragmented data about your brand across your social media platforms into a unified and interactive visual profile. It is super cool, and free!
  10. Build your ‘communication wheel’ – Once you have reflected on your success and challenges for the past year, create your plan to clearly, consistently, and constantly communicate your brand to the people who need to know you. Select a good balance of online and offline activities that you enjoy doing and will reach your target audience.

Peter Sterlacci, founder of BeYB – Believe. Become. Be Your Brand, , combines personal branding strategy with cycling imagery to empower on-the-move careerists in global companies in Japan to shift gears, get out of the saddle, and sprint to career success.


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One Response to “Editor’s Note: 10 Quick Fixes for Your Personal Brand”

  1. Jeff Rock says:

    Hi Peter, Thanks for putting these 10 tips together. They are all action steps that anyone can take. None are high-risk or overly time-consuming, and each has the potential for a big impact. These are all quick fixes that really work. You are doing an amazing job as editor for YOUnique! -Jeff