Editor’s Note: The Power of 10

Rachel Gogos

Editor’s Note

By Rachel Gogos

The Power of 10

10 – For some that number means perfection. Earning a perfect 10. For others the achievement of counting to 10 by age 1.5 or 2 is a big accomplishment. Still others may think of the legendary Bo Derek and her movie 10. For those of us at Reach, especially its Founder, William Arruda, it’s a BIG birthday. Reach is the oldest personal branding company out there and we’re really excited about it.

To celebrate, we are sharing lots of 10’s with you. In this issue and the next one our columnists will share 10 tips, 10 tools or 10 books all related to personal branding.

Born on November 1, 2001, Reach and the rest of the team are sharing lots of informative posts about personal branding throughout the entire month.

Because a lot of my work outside of YOUnique focuses on building personal branded blog sites I’d like to share my….

10 Tools For Creating a Website That Exudes Your Personal Brand

  1. Colors should represent your personal brand. For more on color watch this video.
  2. Fonts should also represent your personal brand – traditional, modern, fun, robotic there are lots of fonts to help you express yourself.
  3. The homepage content should answer your Why? (See my article from the October issue to understand why.)
  4. Use video to connect with your audience. Your site will make a far more lasting impression. Site visitors will see you, hear your voice and connect to your message.
  5. Encourage people to connect with you on your social media networks of choice. Create unique icons that work with the design personality of you and your site.
  6. Your voice or your companies voice should be echoed in the content. If you want to project a funny, light-hearted approach to your web presence then your web content should reflect that.
  7. Use your keywords throughout the content. If your name is a keyword for your site then make sure you use it in the content. Take the time at the beginning of your new web project to identify your key words and build utilizing them.
  8. Use a professional headshot on your About page and / or your homepage. Having an image of you helps your audience former a greater connection to you.
  9. Your bio should be written in a way that helps make you memorable and personal to your potential audience. Take the time to write a branded bio and share “just enough” about yourself to stand out in a readers’ mind.
  10. When building your web presence remember that it’s peoples first, and in some cases only, impression of you. Your site is a HUGE part of your brand environment. I equate it to how you dress for work. Be proud of your web presence and dress it for success!

Rachel Gogos is the Chief Brand Builder at brandiD, a digital marketing and web design firm specializing in building unique, attention-getting, online identities through personal branding, social media, and highly differentiated WordPress sites.


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