Ditch. Dare. Do! for YOU: NINE – The Magic Career Boosting Number

William ArrudaDitch. Dare. Do! for YOU
By William Arruda

The 3D adventure where fearless early adopters, career-minded people, and enlightened companies join the 3D personal branding revolution!

NINE – The Magic Career Boosting Number

In Ditch. Dare. Do! Deb and I suggest you spend nine minutes a day – every work-day – building your brand. This amounts to a full week each year! To make it easy for you, we prepared this infographic. It includes 27 different nine-minute brand-building actions. It also highlights ways to maximize those brief but fruitful minutes.

And if that isn’t enough to get you in the nine-minute mindset, here are some additional resources:

How will you spend your nine minutes today?


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