Ditch. Dare. Do! for YOU: Be Whole: Physical Health and Branding

William ArrudaDitch. Dare. Do! for YOU
By William Arruda

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Be Whole: Physical Health and Branding

In Ditch. Dare Do! Chapter 8, Be Whole, Deb and I talk about the connection between physical health and branding. Some who have read the book say that at first it seemed weird to have content about fitness in a book about personal branding; but there’s a significant role for exercise in your personal branding plan. That’s because exercise keeps you at the top of your game and allows you to deliver on your personal brand promise – always!

Multiple studies referenced in the whitepaper The Positive Impact of Physical Activity on Cognition During Adulthood: A Review of Underlying Mechanisms (the value of this whitepaper is proportional to the length of its title!), by J.J. Ratey and J.E. Loehr indicate that any kind of exercise for any duration can help improve cognition and performance. Based on the authors’ research “a single episode of exercise improves immediate brain function. A short-term program improves brain function and memory beyond the duration of the exercise program. A long-term program promotes sustained, long-term brain function improvements.”

So a run before work or brisk walk at lunch or a set of jumping jacks in your office will make you more effective in your next client meeting or on your next teleconference!

My ‘Dare’ for you: Integrate a little extra exercise into your day, every day, for the rest of the month. Once you do that, if you feel a little healthier, smarter or more accomplished, make it a regular part of your routine. It’s good for you…and good for your brand!

What am I doing? I’m adding an extra bonus of activity to my gym routine. I’m going to walk bristly right by my local gym branch (it’s literally two minutes away) as I continue to the one that’s 20 minutes further. That will give me a triple dose of exercise (the gym and the walks in both directions) – and the brain function and memory improvements that go with it!

Let me know you’re doing with your #bewhole ‘Dare’ on Twitter: @ditchdaredo


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