Ditch. Dare. Do! for YOU: Are you a Ditch. Dare. Do! Daredevil?

DebDib headshotDitch. Dare. Do! for YOU
By Deb Dib

The 3D adventure where fearless early adopters, career-minded people, and enlightened companies join the 3D personal branding revolution!

Are you a Ditch. Dare. Do! Daredevil?

“Goals, guts, and glory!” may well be the mantra of the Ditch. Dare. Do! (3D) personal branding movement. While personal branding has always required the courage to be real, 3D personal branding digs deep, tapping new dimensions of self-knowledge, career awareness, and personal activism.

The 3D approach to brand building extends across every one of your touch points—in your life, your work, and your world. It first requires the discipline of introspection and goal creation. It then requires the guts to courageously edit multiple strengths into a single unambiguous branded message of value that helps you achieve your goals—your particular version of glory.

Most people will never do this; they are concerned that limiting their message limits their opportunities. And they couldn’t be more wrong. In personal branding, less is more. Strong brands focus on one thing, not many things. Strong brands are memorable for simple clear value.

So here’s a DARE for you: Get gutsy and focus steadfastly on the single strength you need to drive your brand, reach your goals, and go for glory. (Just make sure the strength is one that your target market needs and/or values!)

Think it can’t be done? Why not emulate the brand strategy of wildly successful companies. Consider these leaders and their crystalline brands: Walmart is known for low prices; Apple is all about innovation; Nordstrom equals exceptional service; Target is the place for “cheap chic.”

What does that look like in human terms? Think about your colleagues, family, and friends–you can probably describe a number of them with one or two words that speak to each person’s singular most visible strength.

Do these sound familiar?

  • The Fixer—he’s the go-to guru who can make anything better.
  • The Simplifier—she’s the “bottom-line-it for me” champ.
  • The Innovator—he’s the “big audacious ideas” generator.
  • The Whiz Kid—she’s the talented GenY hire, on rocket fuel.
  • The Rock—he’s the “we’ll get it done” port in the storm.
  • The Organizer—she’s the project manager extraordinaire.
  • The Negotiator—she’s the tough-as-nails, win-win producer.
  • The Connector—he always knows someone you should know.

Whether by design or by default, these people are branded. They are often top-of-mind when their organization, team, or personal circle needs their particular brand strength. And if they are consciously and strategically managing their brand message they make sure to keep that key strength consistently visible, valuable, and–most importantly–memorable.

What’s your singular strength?

To find out, seek feedback from trusted colleagues, friends, family and advisors. Think about what you’re good at, what you love to do, what happens when you do it, and the ROI that doing it delivers. Think about which strengths your company and your targets value. You’ll have many answers. Filter those answers by asking yourself which of your great strengths can propel you to the top of your profession.

Then DITCH any “fear of focus,” DARE to be gutsy enough to pick just one strength, and DO make a plan to integrate that single strength into everything you do, every day. Of course you’ll use other strengths as well, but, by being smart, strategic, and selective, you’ll be consistently demonstrating the strength for which you plan to be known.

You’ll soon be in a class by yourself–a Ditch. Dare. Do! Daredevil–memorable, marketable, and positioned to meet (and even surpass) your goals!

Known as The CEO Coach, Deb Dib is a Reach Master Brand Strategist, speaker, educator, and co-author, with William Arruda, of ‘Ditch. Dare. Do! 3D Personal Branding for Executives.’ Her work is featured in 30+ career books, and has been in the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, BusinessWeek.com, and other major media.


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