Digital Identity Essentials: Designing Multi-sensory Experiences for all 5 senses

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By Robin Bramman

A monthly column featuring branding + design tips and tricks for standing out online.

Designing Multi-sensory Experiences for all 5 senses

What are multi-sensory experiences? They are designed experiences around your 5 senses: Sight, Touch, Smell, Sound, and Taste.

Why do they matter? Because today’s media is about blended experiences and multiple touchpoints in an effort to get noticed, stand out and engage with the right audience. It is about finding that sweet spot that speaks to and engages your audience in many ways and in many experiences.

We are living in an extroverted, multi-sensory world and we are all trying to assimilate to what works for our individual brand, personality, desires and audience.

Let’s explore how we can design multi-sensory experiences and touchpoints so your brand is design savvy, tech trendy, and share-worthy:

  • SIGHT TO BE SEEN – VIDEO. Get to know the people behind the brands. Shoppers who view video are 174% more likely to purchase than viewers who did not, according to and awesome infographic by Invodo. Video creates authenticity, familiarity and trust. Views are focused on you and your message and less on how you look. There are some DIY tools like, and that help make the process easy.
  • SOUND STARTERS – VOICEMAIL. What does your brand sound like from the moment your voicemail clicks in? Perhaps you want to make it short and sweet because that is how you are, or you want to say something positive at the start because you like to inspire people, whatever your message, be sure it represents your brand tone and style.
  • SMELLS THAT DELIGHT – TOUCHPOINTS. Think about all of your brand touchpoints. How about crafting a cupcake with your name and sending a delightful smelling desert to your favorite client or colleague. Who can resist a little foodie love? Here are two online resources that design chic deserts and deliver direct.,
  • TOUCH THEIR HEART – WITH YOUR STORY. Storytelling is the new marketing mantra. It is in your story that you connect with your audience and give that human aspect of your brand. Your story is unique to you and your experiences; it is what allows people to experience a deeper understanding and appreciation. Check out 6 amazing storytellers on that know how to tell an interesting, exciting and engaging story.
  • GIVE A TASTE OF SMARTS – LUNCH AND LEARN. There are many ways people can get a taste of your brand, through soaking up some of your smarts they can find out what differentiates you. Perhaps you are talking about brand health, you might want to do a lunch and learn session that includes a healthy salad, refreshing iced tea and simple sorbet. Remember to think about how your core brand experience will set the tone for the type of clients or colleagues you want to attract.

So what do you have planned to excite multi-sensory experiences for your brand?

Robin Bramman Brand Experience and Digital Media Coach who specializes in chic + savvy Online Identity solutions! The founder of Chic Branding and Partner at EEKO Design Studio, Robin works with high-achieving professionals and innovative entrepreneurs in defining their brand and interactive strategies to increase her client’s digital visibility.


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