Digital Identity Essentials: BE Matchy-Matchy Online!

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By Robin Bramman

A monthly column featuring branding + design tips and tricks for standing out online.

BE Matchy-Matchy Online!

When is the last time you took a look at your digital landscape? Has your brand evolved over time and you are now doing different types of work? When is the last time you updated your BIO or elevator pitch?

I am very focused on making sure that all of my clients visuals are always current on each of their digital sites. What about the intros, the about copy and the author bios that help people understand more about them and their brand? Here is a digital identity essential I recommend you do once a year to keep your message consistent across all social sites.

Take visual screen captures of all the places your content exists online. This includes your website about page, your personal portal sites like your Vizify page and page, your author bio on blog posts, and definitely your blog profile and side bar info on your website. Don’t forget your Twitter page and your Facebook about information, your YouTube description, and Google+ profile too!

Just do a screen grab of all of them, then take all the images and put them up on your computer screen at the same time, or print them out and tape them up on a wall so you can see them all at once. Now take and move them from 1 to 10 in order of current to old. This will help you see which sites you may have old content profile information on. Even better, create a personal Pinterest board to keep track of them visually and as a reminder of where they are all located with links to the direct pages (see mine below).

Robin Pinterest Board to Check Consistency

Think of these questions when placing them in order:

  • Is my title the same in all these places?
  • Is my description the same in all places?
  • Is my picture matching from site to site?
  • Is my content current on all sites?
  • Is my author bio correct for the site I am posting on?

After determining which information you have that is current and match’s your current state, take the time to methodically go in and make the updates to your information. I think it is most important to clean up the little BIO pieces first and then you can go back and do larger updates like your full About page on your website or other large chunks of copy.

I did this exercise recently and found that I had some dead hyperlink references within my information and I had an old reference to a Partner I no longer worked with. So taking this time could really help to clarify your brand and set a fresh tone to the viewers about how your brand has evolved.

I don’t usually recommended being matchy-matchy when it comes to wardrobe accessories but being a little matchy-matchy can be a good thing in the online personal identity world. Remember the three “C’s”; clarity, consistency, and constancy, when reviewing your content as this will make your brand relatable and more share-worthy across all media sites.

Here’s to your digital matchmaking success!

Robin Bramman Brand Experience and Digital Media Coach who specializes in chic + savvy Online Identity solutions! The founder of Chic Branding and Partner at EEKO Design Studio, Robin works with high-achieving professionals and innovative entrepreneurs in defining their brand and interactive strategies to increase her client’s digital visibility.


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