Commercial Break: L’Odyssee de Cartier


Commercial Break
By William Arruda
What can personal branders learn from TV advertisements? Take a break and take a peak.

L’Odyssee de Cartier

I love this commercial because: Quality. This is an extremely expensive, extremely well done, cinema quality ad. It is three minutes long. Clearly, it took a lot of Cartier’s marketing resources to create something so beautiful – and consistent with the brand. I also like the shots of Rue de la Paix in Paris – one of the most beautiful streets in the world – and one that I passed every day walking from my apartment to my gym when I lived in Paris.

This ad and YOUR personal brand: When marketing your brand, decide if it’s better to focus a major amount of your marketing resources on one high-quality initiative rather than squander your resources among many different (potentially less impactful) activities.


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