3 Info: Personal Brand Strategist Certification

Use the Power of Personal Branding to Propel Your Clients to New Heights…

…And Elevate Your Practice with New, Innovative Offerings

Personal branding is the career insurance your clients seek. It’s the future of effective career management and success—for employees, professionals, and their companies.

Personal Branding is the engine that powers your client’s personal fulfillment and enduring professional success in any market and personal branding makes you and your client’s company more successful too!

With the Reach 1-2-3 Success!™ system the future is now!

Join the elite coaches and consultants who deliver this proven system. Through the knowledge they’ve gained in the program, they’ve built reputations as thought leaders and go-to resources who deliver real results in boosting their clients’ careers and increasing their happiness.

The Reach methodology is Certified Personal Brand Strategistbeing used by hundreds of leading global brands, educational institutions, and 20% of the Fortune 100. It was developed by William Arruda, the leading pioneer in the field, the most experienced expert in personal branding, and the founder of Reach Personal Branding. He’s the guy who has been credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry.

Whether you serve entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, professionals, or job seekers, once you become a Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist, you’ll be helping your clients (and their companies) step into the future with the power of true authenticity.

And what’s better than that?

The world of work is changing and so must we!

A large part of the Reach brand is innovation and we’ve always been known for cutting-edge leadership in personal branding. Reach developed the first true certification program, and continues to craft programs that serve the current and future needs of the constantly evolving marketplace.

And we’ve evolved the program. Significantly!

For Reach the future is always now. That’s how we stay ahead of the curve and serve our Strategists. So we’ve reviewed every facet of our core education offering—the Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist program, to make it the best, most current personal branding program available anywhere. The rEvolution of personal branding for workplace 3.0 and beyond is here!

Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Fresh learning modalities
  • Key concepts from Reach’s latest book, Ditch. Dare. Do!
  • Exciting video modules
  • A systematized process for creating 3D Brand Bios™ and LinkedIn profiles
  • Guest lectures from subject matter experts
  • An array of class times to meet the scheduling needs of our global colleagues
  • A roster of highly experienced Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist instructors
  • An updated workbook and client forms with easy-to-use, fillable PDFs

And we’ve added a new dimension of differentiation and excellence:

All Reach Strategists will be required to attend an annual refresher (webinar) to maintain their certification (and their compelling differentiation!).

With the rapid changes in social media, career management tools, video, and more, keeping current has never been more important—and at Reach we take that very seriously. We believe continually learning about new modalities that will help our clients is a professional and moral obligation!

Requiring an annual refresher ensures that our Strategists are continually differentiated through current knowledge of the latest tools, emerging strategies, and changes in social media. That means their clients can trust that they are receiving the absolute best personal brand coaching available. And that’s a differentiating benefit!

And we’ve removed a recurring cost:

You are no longer required to purchase client guides for each person you work with. That means there is no per-client cost once you’re certified!

So join the Personal Branding rEvolution!

We’re excited to offer this program as the rEvolution of personal branding for workplace 3.0 and beyond! And despite all the new additions and major enhancements we’ve made, we’ve kept the price the same! During the program, you’ll develop hands-on expertise in delivering the world’s most popular personal branding system. This certification program will teach you:

  • The Power of Personal Branding. Personal branding is the tool to help you increase your success and fulfillment. You’ll understand the origins of personal branding and learn how it is applied to today’s world of work.
  • 1-2-3-Success! You’ll learn every facet of the proven process that’s being used all over the world. And in going through the program, you’ll wear two hats! First, you’ll learn how to build your brand. After all, you can’t be in the marketplace touting your personal branding expertise if your brand isn’t top notch. Then, you’ll learn how to apply all the techniques you learn to your clients’ goals.
  • How to Use Personal Branding to Stand Out.  This certification will set you apart from your other coaches and consultants. It will give you new tools, offerings, and knowledge that will be so much more valuable to clients. You’ll learn to leverage that extra value to distinguish yourself from others so you can grow your client base and your revenue.
  • How to Attract Brand Ambassadors. Reach’s 1-2-3 Success program is about using your authenticity, vulnerability, courage, and value to naturally attract opportunity without massive (and often uncomfortable) self-promotion. Here’s a bonus: When you are a strong brand you (and your clients) attract loyal brand ambassadors—and isn’t having someone else help promote your value a relief?

Are you ready to join the rEvolution?

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“Out of all the professional and personal growth programs I’ve done, Reach is the most generous and genuine company in helping you become successful. When I receive e-mails from Reach, most of the time it’s info-based. [With] most other companies, just about all the e-mails I receive are about new ways I can spend more money.” — Erin Yoshimura, Founder empowerful.com

Learn how Personal Branding Certification works by listening to the recording of an informational call with William Arruda

Preview: CPBS & 360Reach Certification Programs

Here are Sixteen Real-World Benefits to Reach Personal Branding Certification:

Here’s what hundreds of our Certified Personal Branding Strategists tell us you’ll gain from Certification as a Reach Personal Branding Strategist:

1. Benefit from ten+ years’ proven success! For more than a decade, Reach Personal Branding certification has differentiated and further professionalized executive and leadership coaches, career counselors, small business coaches, executive recruiters, resume writers, image consultants, HR executives, and outplacement experts by giving them the newest tools and latest thinking in personal branding and career success.

2. Learn the pioneering—and still leading—personal branding methodology. Used with thousands of clients and participants, and delivered by more than 500 Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategists in 40 countries, the Reach Personal Branding methodology—1-2-3 Success!—is the result of William Arruda’s 20 years’ corporate branding expertise, re-imagined and applied to human branding in the new world of work and its evolving challenges.

3. Be your client’s lifeline in the new world of work. Personal Branding is the future of career management and essential to expanding professional and personal success in a permanently chaotic marketplace. Reach personal branding systematizes the process for sustainable, replicable results and on-brand decision-making.

4. Become more influential, indispensable, and incredibly happy at work. The Reach comprehensive, three-step process uncovers, communicates, and nurtures participants’ personal brands. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, professionals and job seekers find the authenticity and identify the branded value that makes them successful, influential, indispensable, and happy.

5. Get everything you need for your clients and practice in one robust program. 1.    The Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist program gives you all the training, tools, and support you need to build your practice, expand your success, and grow your revenue.

6. Receive cutting edge training from leading personal branding experts. Reach training is a hand-on experience taught by Reach-trained Master-level Certified Personal Brand Strategists and subject matter experts with years of experience and deep proficiency in the Reach methodology. They’ve “been there and done that.”

7. Save time and effort with a nearly turnkey personal branding business. Reach training includes all the tools you need to get started: workbooks, videos, training manuals, samples, even fillable PDFs. You’ll also practice with a buddy coach and receive critical sales and marketing training from William Arruda.

8. Attract clients immediately after you’re certified. In fact, some Reach Strategists find that their new clarity brings them new right-fit clients and earns their investment back before they even finish the program!

9. Augment your offerings with comprehensive personal branding services. You’ll provide greater support to existing clients while increasing your client base. For career coaches and any professional working with executives or entrepreneurs on career issues, this is a must-have.

10. Learn how to apply the principles of personal branding to your own practice. You’ll differentiate your practice, attract your best-fit clients, be happier and more productive, stand out among the ever-increasing number of coaches and career management professionals, and greatly expand your success and revenue.

11. In a crowded field, stand out as a go-to trusted expert! As the field becomes increasingly flooded by newcomers, often with little true personal branding experience, certification as a Reach Personal Branding Strategist helps you stand out as a true and trusted expert.

12. Always give your clients what works NOW in personal branding. In an ever-evolving marketplace and social media environment, last year’s knowledge is so “last year.” With Reach’s annual training and re-certification you’ll always be in the know and ahead of the curve with the most current personal branding strategies and tools. You can proudly say you are one of the best-trained, most cutting-edge personal branding experts in the industry.

13. Grow your visibility and prominence with Reach marketing. When you become certified you benefit from Reach’s extensive marketing efforts in social media, the press, publications, TV and radio, and more. You can contribute to the Personal Branding Blog, PersonalBranding.TV, and other Reach social media outreach.

14. Join the Stratosphere! Become part of a vibrant community of experienced and generous and experts. When you become certified you become part of the Reach community—the Stratosphere. Using the Reach e-list you can tap the expertise of hundreds of Strategists to find solutions for tough problems, get ideas for presentations, share resources, discuss what’s worked for you, and learn what other Strats are doing that’s working for them.

15. Team up for joint ventures. As a Certified Personal Branding Strategist you will be among the elite in the personal branding world. This proximity helps you get to know your peers and has the potential to help you develop beneficial partnerships with other Strategists. And you might even be offered the opportunity to team with William Arruda and Reach Strategists on special projects.

16. Become eligible for advanced certifications and speaking opportunities. Once certified you can earn additional certifications to teach personal branding as a speaker, trainer, and executive brand coach. Keynote Certification provides training and a ready-made deck for delivering 30- to 60-minute personal branding presentations. Masters Certification prepares you to craft, sell, and deliver robust brand training programs to companies and organizations, using an extensive ready-made, customizable deck. All decks are developed and updated annually by William Arruda, who has delivered more personal branding presentations than anyone on earth.

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“I want to thank you for the way my business has evolved since working with you. It has truly been a catalyst for the interesting things I’m involved in. I don’t spend any money on marketing anymore, but I have as many on-brand clients as I can handle. I have an almost perfect close rate with my target clients. You probably aren’t aware of the positive impacts your training has had – the waves rippling out from your creative work with personal branding . I credit [your program] with incubating my latent interests and helping me realize them. I want you to know what a difference you have made to the direction of my business, my success, my fulfillment and my ongoing excitement about new directions.” — Jean Cummings, Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist

Learn More about What the Certification Program includes:

This program gives you everything you need so you can make personal branding a valuable differentiator. The program includes:

Live Training

  • 10 hours of interactive web seminar training with just 8-20 participants in each program. You’ll be trained by a Reach Master’s level Strategist and special guest speakers.


  • Access to a private Learning Environment with all materials you’ll need for the program and client delivery.
  • Video learning modules featuring Personal Branding Guru, William Arruda.
  • Course books, workbooks and guides, including Personal Branding for Coaches and Ditch. Dare. Do!
  • Workbooks, checklists and other materials you can use with your clients.

Experiential Learning

  • You practice the material with one of your fellow participants — a “buddy coach.” This supports deeper learning and ensures you leave the program ready to coach your clients to uncover and build their brand.

Practice Building Tools

  • Marketing copy for your web site.
  • A live session with Personal Branding Guru, William Arruda.
  • Testimonials of people who have been through the Reach process.
  • The Reach-Certified Strategist Logo for use on your web site and in marketing materials.
  • A certificate of completion.
  • Mention in our communications with our 75,000+ subscribers
  • Opportunity to incorporate Reach products in your offerings at up to 75% off retail.
  • Referrals Program (referrals from Reach to you) via the Strategist Database.
  • 15% payback for referrals to Reach (for clients you refer to the Reach Certification Programs).
  • 30% off regular pricing for personal branding coaching from Reach to support your efforts.
  • Benefit from Reach marketing activities including book promotions, website SEO, advertising, monthly teleseminars, speaking engagements, articles and newsletters that will drive awareness of Reach Certified Strategists.

Other valuable items

  • The rights to use the methodology with an unlimited number of individual clients*
  • Certification in 360Reach, the web-based survey for obtaining external brand feedback
  • Lifetime membership in Personal-Brand-on-Demand™
  • Membership in the Stratosphere – our active global community of Certified Personal Branding Strategists
  • This program has been approved for 11 ICF CCEUs (Core Competencies: 6 CCEUs, Resource Development: 5 CCEUs).

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Important: *Not for use with groups, at events, seminars, teleclasses, web-based training or other forms of training. This certification is for use with individual clients only. You will have the opportunity to upgrade your certification to our Keynote and/or Masters Program for use with groups..

Course Facilitator

Susan Chritton, Executive Career Coach, Master Personal Brand Strategist, Reach Personal BrandingSusan-Chritton-10272014f Certification Trainer,  and author of Personal Branding for Dummies. She guides professionals looking to engage their authentic self in the world through personal branding. With her extensive experience in career development, she draws on her ability to identify each individual’s uniqueness and then arrange the variables in his or her life to map out a strategic direction. She facilitates programs in Personal Branding, Strengths-based leadership, and career transition. Her clients appreciate her solid grounded approach and trust her guidance through the coaching process.