1 Info: 360Reach Analyst Certification

Offer Greater Value to Your Clients…
… and reap the personal rewards …

For more than a decade, the 360Reach Certification Program has positioned hundreds of coaches, HR executives, and recruiters as thought-leaders.

Many professionals just like you have incorporated 360Reach into their practices, setting them apart from their peers and preparing them to deliver innovative, action-oriented offerings to their clients.

Now It’s Your Turn…360Reach Personal Branding Certification

We’ve built upon the long-standing success of our certification program by making it even stronger. In the completely redesigned program, we’ve added:

  • More multi-media content and support
  • More live interactive sessions with experienced 360Reach experts
  • More practice building resources

And we’ve kept the price the same!

It’s an intense and fun program that combines instructional videos, multi-media training materials, live webinars and real-life practice opportunities.

You’ll develop hands-on expertise in harnessing the power of 360Reach in helping your clients achieve their goals. The 360Reach certification program will teach you:

  • The Power of the Survey. The 360Reach survey is the first and industry-leading web-based personal branding survey. You’ll learn all about the survey and how it’s used in the personal branding process. And, you’ll learn to analyze survey results to discover insights that your clients can use to improve their professional and personal lives.
  • Coaching Techniques. 360Reach survey results deliver their best value when they are used to generate actionable steps for self-improvement. Drawing on insights gained from survey results, you’ll learn coaching techniques to help your clients achieve their goals.
  • How to Use 360Reach to Stand Out. Your 360Reach certification will set you apart from your competitors. With your certification, you’ll be able to offer so much more value to clients. You’ll learn to leverage that extra value to separate yourself from other coaches and consultants, expand your client base and increase your revenue.

The Bottom Line? You’ll Improve Your Bottom Line.

All too often, acquiring credentials amounts to little more than window dressing. Adding a few ICF CCEUs or a few extra letters after your name helps you maintain your credentials and looks good on your website or business card.

That’s certainly not a bad thing.

Appearing more knowledgeable and learned in the eyes of your clients and prospective clients obviously helps to build your business. And, adding the 360Reach Analyst logo to your business card and website will surely help to polish your image as a trusted and accomplished professional who’s on top of the latest trends in career management and leadership training.

But the greatest value you’ll gain from your certification will be your enhanced ability to profoundly better your clients’ lives. For that, you’ll reap the rewards – both monetarily, and perhaps more importantly, in professional satisfaction.

And once you’ve become certified, you’ll be entitled to discounts of up to 70% on 360Reach surveys and related products. You’ll also be offered reduced fees for additional Reach Personal Branding Certification Programs and many other benefits available only to members of the Reach certification community.

It’s Time to Make a Move…

You’re in the business of helping people.

You help your clients to get hired, get promoted, enhance their leadership skills, grow their businesses, and advance their careers. You help your clients improve their lives. It’s joyful work.

This is an opportunity for you to move forward with your career. It’s an opportunity to make your life better and enhance your ability to help your clients.

You’ll join a vibrant community of hundreds of innovative thinkers and thought leaders – executive and career coaches, recruiters, HR executives and consultants. All bringing the power of 360Reach to their clients or company staffs. It’s a great place to be. It’s where you’ll find the most progressive professionals in the field. It’s where you belong.

Ready to make a move and jump on board? Just click here to view available class dates and to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why did Reach develop this certification?

Although users of 360Reach get immediate access to their results, they always benefit from the advice and guidance of an objective expert to glean the most valuable insights from the report they receive.

We are planning to open the floodgates and promote 360Reach as the survey for forward-thinking executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to expand their success. Nearly a million people have already used 360Reach. We need coaches, consultants and HR managers to be trained in the process to accommodate demand.

Who is 360Reach certification for?

The 360Reach Certification Program was designed for Executive Coaches, Career Coaches and Counselors, Resume Writers, Small Business Consultants, HR managers, Training and Development Directors, Guidance Counselors, Outplacement Managers, Executive Recruiters and Team Leaders. If you support professionals with their careers or help independent consultants build their businesses, 360Reach Certification is right for you.

What do I get when I enroll in the 360Reach Analyst certification program?

This is a comprehensive, multi-media learning experience that provides you with everything you need so you can support your clients with 360Reach – from executing the survey through analyzing the custom reports and helping clients establish brand aspirations and action commitments. The program includes:

Training Materials and Resources:

  • Comprehensive online 360Reach Learning Environment
  • 360Reach Analyst Guide
  • 360Reach Analyst Notebook


  • A 360Reach Premium survey for yourself
  • Membership in Personal-Brand-on-Demand™ (PBoD) 360Reach module
  • Buddy coaching option
  • A complimentary Premium survey for a client, colleague or friend
  • Sample 360Reach reports


  • An introductory video with detailed information about 360Reach
  • A video module with a recorded 360Reach coaching session
  • Two lively, interactive webinars that give you an opportunity to deepen learning, ask questions and share your experience


  • 360Reach Certified Analyst logo
  • Inclusion in the Strategist Database so members of the Reach community can find and hire you
  • Marketing copy to promote your services as a 360Reach Certified Analyst
  • A video trailer you can use on your web site


  • This program has been approved for 2 ICF CCEUs (Core Competencies: 1 CCEU, Resource Development: 1 CCEU).

What are the benefits of being certified?

Once certified, you receive deep discounts on 360Reach surveys and related products, benefit from referral fees, qualify for discounts on other Reach certifications. You’ll be listed in the Reach Strategist Database so that the public will be able to view your profile at http://www.personalbrandingcoaches.com and you’ll become an official member of the Reach certification community and have access to a vibrant group of like-minded professionals.

What is Reach doing to increase the visibility of this survey?

Reach has built a focused marketing program to make 360Reach the personal branding survey tool for career-minded professionals, consultants and coaches. It includes advertising, e-mail marketing programs, social media marketing, promotion at seminars, search engine optimization and press activity.

What’s my investment to become certified?

$497. Although we have completely redesigned and significantly enhanced the program – providing more live sessions, more practice opportunities and more marketing resources – we have kept the price the same since the program was launched in 2002! After being certified, you receive significant discounts on 360Reach surveys and other products. Plus, if you choose to upgrade to our flagship Personal Branding Certification Program in the future, we’ll deduct your entire 360Reach Certification investment.

Course Facilitator

Susan Chritton, Executive Career Coach, Master Personal Brand Strategist, Reach Personal BrandingSusan-Chritton-10272014f Certification Trainer,  and author of Personal Branding for Dummies. She guides professionals looking to engage their authentic self in the world through personal branding. With her extensive experience in career development, she draws on her ability to identify each individual’s uniqueness and then arrange the variables in his or her life to map out a strategic direction. She facilitates programs in Personal Branding, Strengths-based leadership, and career transition. Her clients appreciate her solid grounded approach and trust her guidance through the coaching process.